October 20th, 2016, Kpop boy group BTS going up against Davichi takes another win, first on MCOUNTDOWN! As BTS were giving their thanks to ARMY’S, Rap Monster, the leader also thanks international fans from all over the world as well, along with member V giving thanks to his parents and ARMY’S. BTS members also ended up laying down during their winning stage.

Later after their MCOUNTDOWN stage and their fan sign in Myeongdong, Rap Monster, went live on the V App with “Wings Behind the Story” by RM. He explains the reason why he started the ‘live’ was because he wanted to talk about each members solo and it’s their way of trying new things. He also mentions how each solo has a few English words here and there in which he says, “Each key word represents that character and person. It has an important role in explaining the song. I think a lot of people are looking over the title. I wanted to tell you that.” Later, going through each solo explaining how each member worked hard for their solos and this new full length album.

Here is what he mentioned about each members solo:

Begin by Jungkook: “Jungkook tried to write the lyrics by himself at first. It’s best to write your own lyrics. But he had trouble trying to write the lyrics. So he came to me. I felt a lot of pressure at the beginning. It’s Jungkook’s story, but I’m not Jungkook. Even if we are members and live together, Can I talk about someone else’s story? I wanted to tell Jungkook’s story as it is. But Jungkook, In the beginning of this year, we all got together and cried. There was a dramatic moment where we got together honestly… That’s the first time he cried and talked about his feelings. I t was my first time seeing him cry that much. The topic back then was so painful for each other, Jungkook said nothing was difficult for him. He signed the contract at a young age, knowing nothing. He sang and danced really hard since he wanted to. What pains me the most is seeing my members being in pain. We all cried because it was so sad. Jungkook never said anything like that before. He would always say nothing was bothering him, “I’m okay, I’m very strong.” That’s how he was. It was my first time hearing Jungkook’s troubles. The reason was that we were troubled , his members living together. “I don’t care about other things, I don’t want you all to be in pain. Then I won’t be in pain too.” That’s what Jungkook said.”

Lie by Jimin: “If you watch the short film, there is the fruit of good and evil. There are many things about lie and truth. I talked about this song with Jimin recently. I didn’t know Jimin wrote the lyrics. He didn’t work on lyrics or musically before. He tried many times, he worked with me as well.” “Jimin wrote all the lyrics. I didn’t know, it was written so well. Recently, Jimin told me this. Jimin said he was very happy recently. He got better and is more relaxed. Jimin was able to prove himself once more.”

Stigma by V: “V always wanted to do this kind of style, with a piano. V always wanted to do a song with this kind of rhythm. When I first heard it, V did what he wanted to do. So I felt so proud. He made different versions and kept choosing. “Is it better in English or in Korean?” So he would do English and Korean again. I thought he was really cute back then. Now that I listen to this song, the parts all had a meaning. When I heard this song, his parents and family, in ‘Young Forever’, V isn’t the character that has it easy. I think V has his own secret story to this.”

First Love by Suga: “Suga and I don’t do heart to heart talks that often. What I thought when I heard this was when we were trainees before out debut. Suga recommended me a lot of Jazz artists. He told me he studied art and piano a lot back then. Piano really means a lot to Suga. It holds an important meaning to his life.”

Reflection by Rap Monster: “It’s original title was, ‘In Ttukseom’. This song was made after ups and downs. This song was made after worrying about what to do. I went to Ttukseom after I made the draft for the beat. As it says in the song, I went to Ttukseom when i struggled a lot. I wrote ‘Blood Sweat & Tears‘ and ‘Begin‘there too. So it’s a song I wanted to play for myself..”

Mama by J-hope: “I could tell how much J-hope thinks of his mother and how special his mother is to him… But I think it meant more because it was J-hope who told me. It’s different from other songs about mothers but he pointed it out well. That’s why I think this song is more meaningful, but if you listen closely, it’s not an exciting song. I can feel it. J-hope seems like an exciting person and he’s always described as in charge of reactions , variety shows, and fun. But as I listened, I could tell since I live with J-hope.”

Awake by Jin: “Jin done something amazing right? When I first heard this track, i thought it’s amazing. This slow rap is made by our emotional producer. This track has a lot of slow rap parts and this is special in a way that all music producers of Big Hit participated except Suga. I wrote the lyrics and did it myself. Jin was the person I didn’t understand until our debut. I never met anyone like him. He’s very relaxing and he was very clear view in some way. I thought people should live fiercely but Jin changed me a lot. This song is really good, I think anyone would say this song is really good.”

After speaking about each solo, he also mentions and thanks international fans, “Today we won on MCOUNTDOWN 1st place. It was to short, my comment, so I just wanted to say that, I thank you and love you, everybody in the world and every ARMY in the world and I just want to say, we would never take this glory and your love just for granted. We’ll never take it for granted.”

Watch here:

V APP LINK:–WINGS-Behind-story-by-RM

Watch BTS stage of “BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS”:

Congratulations on your win BTS!!!

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