BTS takes on their 6th win of “Blood Sweat &Tears” on Music Bank!


October 28th, 2016, tonight on Music Bank, girl group I.O.I and boy group BTS were nominated for running up against each other for 1st place. With amazing performances of TWICE, PENTAGON, LADIES CODE, GOT7, MONSTA X, and many more.


As the winners were annouced, BTS were shocked with the win by just the looks on their faces. BTS manages to grabs the win with Digital sales being at 2,674, Viewer preferences being at 813, Airtime frequency being at 745, and Album sales being at 4,152, with a total of 8,384!!! Beating I.O.I by 524 points, leaving I.O.I with a total of 7,860.

BTS member, Jin then gives a quick speech thanking fans and ends their winning stage by taking off their shoes and performing “Blood Sweat & Tears“, meanwhile members V, J-hope, and Rap Monster ends up taking off their socks as well.

Check out BTS performances from tonight:

Congrats on your 6th win with “Blood Sweat & TearsBTS!!!

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