Korean Embassy in Malaysia to host Lecture Series


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in collaboration with Korea Foundation will host Lecture Series featuring two well-renowned Professors from the Republic of Korea.

The first speaker is Professor Dr. Lee Jung-Hoon, Republic of Korea’s inaugural Ambassador-at-Large fro North Korean Human Rights. He is also a faculty at Yonsei University, where he is currently Director of the Yonsei Center for Human Liberty.

Professor Dr. Lee will be lecturing on “Human Rights in North Korea”. The lecture focuses on how North Korean government has long been one of the worst abusers of human rights, and how this began to change with a February 2014 report by the UN Commission of Inquiry of Human Rights in North Korea and the subsequent UN General Assembly’s endorsement of the commission’s recommendations for referral to the International Criminal Court and targeted sanctions.

The second speaker is Dr. Kim Eungi, Professor of the Division of International Studies of the Korea University.

Professor Dr. Kim’s lecture is on “Korea Culture and Hallyu: Beyond the Familiar”. The lecture is mainly about Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, which refers to the spread and surge of South Korean popular culture, particularly its drama and music, around the world. This lecture trace the origin of the phenomenon and discusses the factors for the popularity of the Korean Wave.

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For more details regarding this lecture, please contact [email protected] or phone at 03 42512336.


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