[Event Coverage] Lee Kwang Soo in Malaysia for Running Man Challenge

Lee Kwang Soo was in town on November 26th for an appearance at the finals for the RUNNING MAN CHALLENGE – HYDRATED BY 100PLUS in partnership with ONE HD.

Photo credit : KMOVEMENTMY

The event was held in Paradigm Mall, where teams fought to be Malaysia’s very first Running Man Challenge Champion. The final 10 participants were selected from a series of nationwide auditions which took place in Kuantan, Johor Bahru and Putrajaya after being put through various mental and physical challenges. They were then assigned into different teams led by our local celebrities, Team Original (led by Ajak Shiro), Team Berry (led by Ayda Jebat), Team Orange (led by Hairul Azreen) and Team Lemon Lime (led by Shahrul Ridzwan), basically the various flavours of 100PLUS available now. Eventually, the winning team got to play a game of badminton with Lee Kwang Soo as part of their reward!

If you missed the live updates via our Twitter account, scroll on below for some photos and snippets of the Q&A session with Kwang Soo!

Kwang Soo thinks Running Man is so famous due to the strong ‘bond’ the cast has built over the years. He also thinks that an opportunity like Running Man will not come again. Hence, he’s grateful to be a part of it.
Kwang Soo said he never expected the success of Running Man but the show has lasted 7 years thanks to everyone’s support.

He had a great time in Malaysia and that the RUNNING MAN CHALLENGE was interesting. However, he only started to figure things out after it was too late!

Kwang Soo is busy working on several projects now, including an on-going webdrama. He hopes everyone will look out for them!


He says on less busy days he does hang out with Joong Ki (in response to the audience shouting Joong Ki’s name) as well as the rest of the Running Man cast.

Finally, when asked about his favourite Malaysian food, Kwang Soo said he likes sate best and even had it for lunch! #TeamSatay


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