Royal Pirates Talk About “3.3” And What It Means

It has been more than a year since Royal Pirates’ Malaysian fans got to see them up close and breathe the same air with the boys they love.

Finally they got to meet Royal Pirates (RP) again last week when the boys were in Malaysia for their ‘3.3 Meet The Fans Session’ that was held in Berjaya Times Square.


During the press conference on Friday, RP mentioned that they are in Kuala Lumpur as they have been invited to be on the panel of judges for an Astro TV program called ‘Astro Star Quest’. They felt honored to be given a chance to be a judge on the prestigious broadcast singing competition.

When they were talking about their album, RP told us why their new album been called ‘3.3’. For them 3 is a perfect number to represent them. It has been said that the album consists of a lot of meaning such as this is their 3rd album, they are together as trio and it represents the the solid triangle that shows how strong they are as a band.


When asked about what type of improvements that RP can offer to their fans in their new album, the boys said that ‘3.3’ has brought them back to their rock roots which was different from their previous album. The song they composed in this album contains all of their stories during the gloomiest moment that they wanted to share with their listeners.

Although the band have changed after what happened to James, it never stopped the boys from working hard on their music. With the love and support from Exsy and Moon, James kept pursuing his dream and worked hard together with the members for their fans. We were pretty happy that we got to see this warm side of the group.


The fan meeting on Sunday was a great affair. We got to see how happy the fans as they get to meet and greet their beloved Royal Pirates after a long time. The fansign went smoothly till the end but it was a bit empty as they were not performing on the day. However, RP will be coming back to Malaysia on December 31 for the New Year Countdown Party and they promised to show their fans a great performance to make it up for the fanmeeting. And we cant wait to see it!


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