The Windy City Gets Swept Away by CRUSH!



Officially making the first stop for his U.S Tour, Crush On You “WONDERLUST” 2016, on November 11, 2016 inside “The VIC” theatre, crowds lined up since 8AM that morning in the windy state of Chicago.  The fans were separated into two lines, VIP ($100+) and GA ($50-$70), and entered in from the cold into the warm venue.  To start off the night, Millic came out to show off his DJ’ing skills, earning chants and new fans appreciating his greatness.  Millic DJ’ed 5-6 songs to slowly hype up the audience before bringing Crush onto the stage.



As he finished off his last song, Crush began the tour with his “Wonderlust – Opening Video”.  Afterwards, Crush entered the stage and Millic started with “You & I”, making a surprise song with Jay Park’s “Mommae Remix” (which is a fan favorite from AOMG fans).


As Crush told Chicago to make some noise, “In The Air” began to play overhead, grabbing the crowds’ attention as he told them to repeat “Oh yeah” from the lyrics.  “A Little Bit feat. Lydia Paek” was next, showing Crush’s small dance movements and body rolls.  He stopped to ask the audience if the concert was fun so far, and then started the next song “I Fancy You” while saying, “Chicago… so fancy, okay let’s go” causing the crowd put their hands up in the air while repeating “neowa nuni majuchin sungan I fancy you”.  “Crush On You”, “Woo  Ah”, and “Whatever You Do” were the next performances on the list before he moved onto his R&B songs.  Crush then talked momentarily about how happy and shocked he was as to how he never expected it to be this great of response, even writing the Chicago fans a letter, congratulating their city on the Cubs winning big this year, eating Chicago pizza, and how there were beautiful, sexy ladies around the area.


Later on, Crush mentioned his good friend Zion.T and went on to performing “Two Melodies” and “Just” (a crowd favorite from Crush and Zion. T which received its first win on Valentine’s Day of 2014).  “2411”, “Fall”, “Sometimes”, and “Don’t Forget feat. Taeyeon” were also performed that night.


Crush then began singing “Hold Me Tight”, which was a song produced by AOMG’s Gray.  Crush even expressed that even though he wasn’t as great as a rapper like Loco, he would do his best on his parts.  The title lyrics “nuneul gama” filled the theater from the crowd, along with Crush’s crushing high notes towards the end, which got the ladies wild up.


After fans endlessly asked and waited for Crush to perform “Hug Me” the entire night he finally did, followed by “9 to 5”.  But the concert didn’t end just there, he then came back out again for his encore stage “Oasis” while taking off his red jacket which was worn throughout the concert.  Instead of finishing off “Oasis”, Millic switched it up by doing a remix, which then got Millic away from his spot at the DJ table and up to the front with Crush who was pouring plenty of water onto the crowd.  Crush then announced that he would be back next year for his concert in the U.S., promising that he would return to Chicago.



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