ToppDogg makes a comeback with 9 members!


October 31st, 2016 boy group ToppDogg dropped their first teaser video to “Rainy Days“:

Hunus Entertainment had released an official statement on ToppDogg’s official fan cafe that member Jenissi will no longer will be continuing with the group. They also stated that he will continue his music career as an solo artist. He dropped an album back in July and it became successful, so he thought it would be best for him and the group to work as an solo artist. Therefore, ToppDogg will continue and comeback as a 9 member group.


November 2nd, 2016 ToppDogg dropped their first individual concept photos on Facebook.


November 4th, 2016, ToppDogg drops an album preview for their new album [FIRST STREET]:

ToppDogg’s album [FIRST STREET] will be released on November 7th, 2016!

Are you excited for this comeback?

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