BrickBrick Is Every Cap Lover’s Dream Christmas Gift

Toy brick fans and cap lovers alike will be rejoicing soon as with the launch of BrickBrick ( at Dosscaps ( on 12th of December, they will be able to display their brick designs proudly on a cap.


Brickbrick is a headwear label from Korea with a unique patented brick system that allows you to customise and design your favourite art on your cap with toy bricks.

As hardcore fans of Lego toy bricks themselves, the team behind Brickbrick was inspired by a question – “why keep your creations to yourself with no one to admire when you can display them proudly on your head for the world to see?”


Brickbrick believes that everyone is still a kid at heart and to a kid, there isn’t anything too thrilling about a standard piece of hat. Unless of course, there is a way to combine hats and toys together.

That’s when Brickbrick comes into play – where you combine fashion and your creative childhood into one.


In a Brickbrick Set, you’ll find a basic cap, front plate for your artwork placement, detachable brim that is compatible with Lego bricks and a set of mini bricks for your design.

The genius of this cap lies in the slide-on interchangeable brims and detachable plates where toy bricks are attached, allowing you to switch designs easily.


When it comes to customization, BrickBrick indeed kicks it up a notch.

BrickBrick’s Exclusive Collection will be up on DOSSCAPS on 12th of December at 8PM sharp. Price ranges from RM269 – RM299. All members will get 10% off the collection.