[Event Coverage] Post Christmas celebration with Akdong Musician in Kuala Lumpur

Akdong Musician, or more popularly known as AKMU, was in Kuala Lumpur last Monday for a showcase. Held at KL Live, Life Centre, Malaysian fans were lucky to celebrate post-Christmas with the siblings. Well we can’t be luckier, as Malaysia was named as the last stop for “AKMU Studio 2016“!


The duo consists of Chanhyuk (20) and Suhyun (17), who debuted under YG Entertainment in 2014 after winning the reality show K-pop Star 2. With a genius talent in composing and producing songs, Lee Chanhyuk is already building his own name as a singer-songwriter with a bunch of hit songs under his belt. His sister, Suhyun received a lot of praises for her singing skills despite her young age. We are lucky enough to be invited to watch this talented siblings performing live!

Lee Chanhyuk

Accompanied by a live band, AKMU performed their popular tracks from their K-pop Star 2 days like ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’, ‘Is It Ramyun’, ‘Officially Missing You’ and ‘Confession of a Foreigner’, which brought us back to the memory lane of 2012/2013. They also performed a few songs from their last album such as ‘Re-Bye’, ‘Every Little Thing’ and ‘How People Move’. The showcase won’t be complete without all their hit songs like ‘200%’, ‘Melted’ and ‘Give Love’, which they performed to an enthusiastic crowd.

Lee Suhyun

Chanhyuk and Suhyun were amazed by the amount of fans that turned up at their showcase, despite the announcement was quite late. They were surprised because they only focused promoting in South Korea and didn’t even know they have so many fans outside the country and Suhyun said they would have come to Malaysia sooner if they have known they have so many fans here. Throughout the show, AKMU praised the crowd’s passion as they sang along to their songs and cheered loudly. They promised to comeback here again soon. You guys are welcome here anytime, alright?


During the show, AKMU also announced that they will be releasing a new album called ‘WINTER’ on January 3rd 2017! They released a few image teasers on the day itself. Are you excited? So, look forward to it!


We would like to thank JS Concert & Creon Asia for the invitation. We had fun and we wish them all the best!

1. How people move
2. Is It Ramyun
3. Every Little Thing
4. Don’t Cross Your Legs
5. Re-Bye
6. Melted
7. Winter Wonderland + Jingle Bell Rock
8. Eyes Nose Lips
9. Officially Missing You
10. Confession of a Foreigner
11. Green Window
12. Crescendo
13. Give Love
14. 200%