[Travelogue] Power Blogger Program Day 7 – Inkigayo and Goodbye Korea

December 4th was our last day in Korea for ‘Power Blogger Program 2016’. With a heavy heart, we checked out from Koreana Hotel. But our official schedule didn’t end yet! Guess where we headed over to? ^_^ Yes, Sunday is Inkigayo day!


Before going to the airport, we dropped by SBS Open Hall in Deungchon-dong, Seoul to watch Inkigayo live on air at 12.10PM. Inkigayo was hosted by beautiful siblings Gong Seung-yeon, Yoo Jeong-yeon and the cutie soldier from the ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Kim Min Seok. Among the artists that performed during that episode were B.A.P, B1A4, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, Hyoyeon (SNSD), Hyorin (SISTAR) and many more.

And we were lucky enough to witness SECHSKIES‘ first music show appearance in 16 years on Inkigayo.

BLACKPINK was announced as winner for that episode.

The broadcast ended after 70 minutes and it was time to say goodbye to the other members as we were going to the airport.

We had simple lunch at the airport, before boarding the plane. There was a little incident on our flight back. We booked our halal food when we checked in, but as there was some miscommunication, our order didn’t get through the system. Yes, if you are flying through Korean Air from Malaysia to Korea, you don’t have to worry as the food served on the plane is HALAL because they liaise with Malaysia Airlines. But, you have to make special request on HALAL food if you are flying from Korea to Malaysia. Just make sure you check your reservation again when you check in. Luckily they served seafood that night, so we just went with seafood and fruits. We safely landed at KLIA around 10.30PM. Thank you Korean Air for flying us safely.^^

Through this, we want to send our gratitude to Korea Press Foundation for the invitation to this wonderful trip, especially Mr. Kim Ji Hyuk and Ms. Song Yun Sook. Special thanks to Hyundai Asan team, Mr. Oh Se Kak for accompanying us through out the whole trip and Ms. Jung Ji Yun for the arrangements. Big thanks to our tour guide aka translator, Allison for being such a great help. Not to forget to our drivers, our dance teacher, vocal teacher, ski instructors, program guidance and all the people we met through this program, thank you so much for all the memories!

Goodbye Korea! Hope to see you again soon!

28/11 – 4/12 Power Blogger Trip