[Event Coverage] GOT7 Makes a Turbulence in Chicago.

Got7 Screen

(Photography by Mai V.)

JYP Entertainment’s boy group, GOT7, embarked on their GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017 tour recently on January 21st, hosted by Subkulture Entertainment.  The touring is still underway and cities include Miami, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

On January 25th, 2017 the seven boys of GOT7 visited Chicago to see their fans, Ahgase.  Despite the winter wind, mixed with the horrid rain, Ahgases waited in line for hours before the concert started at 7PM.  While waiting, fans gave away fan made goods and even custom-made cookies shaped as a bird. Some fans were even considerate enough to give away heat packs to those who were freezing in the cold.  How sweet of Ahgases!

Got7 Ahgase Giving Heat Warmers

The day continued as such, with fans dancing to catchy K-pop songs, signing a personal banner for the boys, and much more.  As the time for the fan meet neared, long lines could be seen wrapped around the building and out again in an oval loop formation.

Once the fans entered the venue and sat in their seats and waited some more, the lights dimmed and the whole venue glowed green with GOT7’s light sticks.  In addition, “Hard Carry” played overhead to get the audience ready for the heartthrob boy group.  After the song ended, an introduction video appeared at the front of the stage’s screen, causing loud squeals as each member of GOT7 was revealed.

Although the stage was dark, slowly, seven figures walked out and into their designated seats on the stage.  The lights turned on to showcase GOT7, who then performed their first song, “Let Me” and “Prove It”.

Got7 Turbulence in Chicago Jackson

Afterwards, the host Danny Lim came out and had GOT7 introduce themselves to their fans, Ahgases. The Q&A session proceeded next with a few questions from the host, asking GOT7 what it felt like to be back in Chicago, in which Youngjae talked happily about the pizza in response.  JB‘s birthday was also mentioned by the host and every fan in the venue sung him a simple and sweet “Happy Birthday”.

Got7 Turbulence in Chicago Group

Another part of the Q&A session allowed the GOT7 members to answer questions written by fans on colored sticky notes.  Some questions ranged from ideal type to how many dabs could BamBam do to anything else crazy that you could imagine up.

Once the Q&A session was over, GOT7 performed “Boom x3” along with a suave and sharp choreography on stage, which was followed by “Just Right”.

Next, it was finally time for GOT7 and their fans to interact with each other!  As the seven members read off the winning raffle tickets, and fans praying that their number would be called, one-by-one fans hurried off excitedly to the stage as they won the chance to play a game with GOT7.

The game was simple.  It’s a traditional Korean game called “제기차기/Jegichagi” where you kick a shuttlecock-like object into the air and prevent it from hitting the ground.  The GOT7 members and their partner practiced quickly for 30-seconds before officially starting the game.  In the end, it was none other than Yugyeom who won with his partner, whom also won a gift bag for winning plus a big hug from Yugyeom himself!  What a lucky Ahgase!

Got7 Turbulence in Chicago

GOT7 left the stage after the fan interaction and a Behind-The-Scenes video began to play.  Shortly after, the seven boys came out again and performed their popular songs, “Fly” and “If You Do”.

Unfortunately, the fan meet was coming to an end soon and GOT7 had to bid their goodbye’s to their Chicago Ahgases.

One-by-one each member shared their thoughts and feelings about the time they’ve spent together with their fans that night.  Jackson confessed that he was moved by the Chicago fans because of their passion and how he was happy with his job.  Jinyoung thanked the fans for their support and to keep healthy and warm in the cold Chicago weather.  Meanwhile, Mark told everyone that it was great again to see Ahgases for the third time and that they would come back again soon.

JB also thanked the fans and told them to keep loving and supporting GOT7.  After JB, Youngjae spoke (mostly about pizza again, but we don’t blame him), saying how they have visited Chicago the most here in the United States and how the passion from Chicago Ahgases never changes.

Got Mark

BamBam explained how Chicago was different than all the other cities they’ve been to for tour and how the fans there had something that always kept pulling him back.  He also told Ahgases that even if there were “many cute and handsome boys”, to only look at GOT7.

Last but not least, Yugyeom gave a small shoutout to the fans in English and told them that he loved them, which turned into another topic as the members of GOT7 provoked him to prove it with a dance. Let’s just say, you would have had to be there to find out what Yugyeom did!

For the final ending, GOT7 performed “Hard Carry” and “Home Run” with every last bit of energy that they could muster up for their lovely Ahgase fans.

Although it was bittersweet that the fan meet came to a close, the precious time that GOT7 and Ahgases spent with each other in Chicago will always remain a special memory in their hearts until next time.

Lastly, we at K-popped! would like to thank Subkulture Entertainment for giving us the opportunity to take part of GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017.

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