Welcoming 2017 with Halo & MAP6

New Year came early to both Malaysian HALOVE and MAPSHI this year as HALO & MAP6 were in town to celebrate end of 2016 with their fans. Organized by YiPin Studio, we were invited to feel the heat of New Year Eve Kpop Party 2016 with these 11 hot boys.

The stage for New Year Eve Kpop Party 2016 was opened by MAP6. The group MAP6 debuted in November 2015, but that doesn’t mean they are rookies in the industry as the members were debuted under the name of A-Prince before and even visited Malaysia for a promo tour back in 2013.


MAP6 members J.Vin, J.Jun, Minhyuk, Sun and Sign prepared a lot for the visit to Malaysia this time around. They even learnt Mandarin for a month and also picked up some Malay words to get closer to their fans. We were even happier to get to hear the boys singing “Rasa Sayang” fluently.

MAP6 n Winner

MAP6 performed 6 songs with the bonus of 2 Japanese songs that they prepared for their upcoming tour in Japan. We couldn’t help but drooled over their performances as their stages were really mesmerizing. We can hear the fans screaming nonstop especially when MAP6 showed their powerful yet sexy dance moves.


But the craze didn’t end there. The show kept heating our fangirl spirit as once MAP6 went off the stage, HALO comes out to keep our heart on melting point.


Living up to their name, we really think that HALO has given us a great impact. We fell into their spell with their great performances on stage. HALO which consists of 6 members Dino, Inhaeng, Jaeyong, Heecheon, Yoon Dong and Ooon as the leader really knows how to capture the fans heart with unstoppable charm while performing.


HALO has performed 8 songs with 2 ballad songs back to back including their infamous MARIYA, Fever and Feel So Good. There were introduction and game session with the fans in between their show. They picked lucky fans and taught them how to dance to their song, Feel so good.


The celebration kept going on after HALO’s performance as Malaysia fans have prepared a birthday celebration for Dino & Ooon of HALO and MAP6’s Sun. The boys were so surprised as they didn’t expect any birthday celebration from the fans. And the countdown to New Year’s Eve went well after the surprise birthday party.


Before leaving the stage to wrap up the show and moving on to the fan sign and selfie session, both HALO and MAP6 says good bye to the fans and promised to come back to Malaysia in the future with better performances.


Overall the show was a great success. We were happy to get to end our 2016 with great performances by both groups. Kudos to YiPin Studio for organizing a great show! Hopefully we get the chance to cover up more events in the future!

More photo of HALO & MAP6 during the event!