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[Event Coverage] K-Drama Festa in PyeongChang

In celebration of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics G-1 anniversary, the Korea Tourism Organization hosted a ‘K-Drama Festa in PyeongChang’ on February 18 (Saturday), at Pyeongchang’s Yongpyong Dome. Co-hosted by Gangwon Province, Seoul Metropolitan City and Gyeonggi Province, it was attended by 7.8 thousands tourists including domestic and foreign tourists. K-popped! was honoured to get an invitation to be part of the celebration as well!

K-Drama Festa in Pyeongchang ticket

Varieties of events such as drama OST performances, talk show hosted by actors from famous K-drama, delicious food street, hallyu drama photo world and other fun events was prepared for the tourists to enjoy. But of course the highlight of all, was the concert itself.

Hanbok Fashion SHow (1)
Kids in hanbok, so cute!
Hanbok Fashion SHow (2)
A variety of hanboks were showcased during the fashion show..

K-drama Festa in PyeongChang also featured a Hanbok fashion show with theme of drama <Saimdang, Memoirs of Colours> as the opening before the concert began. We were pleasantly surprised by the special guest appearance of Lee Young Ae, the main actress of the drama <Saimdang, Memoirs of Colours>, walking gracefully on the walkway. She looked absolutely stunning, completing the beautiful hanbok itself. And yes! She looks exactly the same when she was in the drama <Jewel in the Palace> 14 years ago, she never aged doesn’t she?

Lee Young Ae
Lee Young Ae is so pretty!
Leeteuk & Chungha
Super Junior’s Leeteuk and I.O.I’s Chungha were the emcees for the night.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and I.O.I’s Chungha were the main emcees for this festival featuring performances by popular K-pop idols such as EXO-CBX, BTOB, Astro as well as K-drama OST king and queen such as Lyn, Gummy and Kim Bumsoo.

Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo performed ‘Appear’ (Secret Garden OST), ‘Amnesia’ 기억상실증 (Saimdang, Memoirs of Colours OST), ‘I Miss You’ (Stairway to Heaven OST) and ‘With You’.
OST Queen, Gummy performed ‘Snow Flower’ (That Winter, The Wind Blows OST), ‘You So Far Away’ 님은 먼곳에 (Sunny OST), ‘Love Recipe’ and ‘You Are My Everything’ (Descendants Of The Sun OST).
Lynn singing her hit songs, ‘My Destiny’ (My Love From The Star OST), ‘Whenever, Wherever’ (Saimdang, Memoirs of Colours OST) and ‘We Used To Love’ 사랑했잖아.

As an international fan that had experienced K-pop quite some time, we have to admit that it was hard for us to get the chance to see all these singers that we only knew through the soundtracks of the Korean drama performing live in front of us. It was such a memorable and valuable experience for us. We especially love the performances by Gummy singing ‘You Are My Everything’, the popular soundtrack from the hit drama <Descendants of the Sun>, Lyn singing ‘My Destiny’ from another hit drama in 2014, <My Love from The Star> and Kim Bum Soo performing ‘I Miss You’ from the popular drama <Stairway To Heaven>.

Sungjae, Hyunsik and Ilhoon. Talented group BTOB performed their popular songs ‘Beep Beep’, ‘Second Confession’, ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ and ‘It’s Okay’.
EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) performed ‘Hey Mama!’, ‘The One’ and ‘For You’ (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST).

Even though we experienced a little bit of an unpleasant situation which surrounded us, caused by the commotion of EXO’s fangirls that night (well, you have to get used to it if you want to watch a concert in Korea :p), overall it was a fun and memorable night. We got to reminisce all the hit dramas we have watched before. Feels like watching it all over again!

Other performances as below :

– Winter Story
– Fresh Adventure
– Shooting Love

– Let’s Go To The World

BOYS AND MEN (Japanese Boyband)
– Yamato Dancing

– Confession
– Growing Pains
– Breathless

The event was aired live on Arirang and here’s the full video if you have yet to watch it!

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