M FECT to have a Showcase in the USA!

Mfect group

Midas Entertainment has just released information about M Fect for their first showcase.  The 5-member boy group will be heading to the States this June and dates have already been posted on their Official Facebook page.

Mfect showcase


If you haven’t yet heard of the talented boy group “M Fect”, let us fill you in!  M Fect is a 5-member boy group consisting of M. Gun (Leader, Vocal), Low (Vocal), Zamong (Rapper), Boho (Rapper), and Jeil (Maknae).  They debuted on April 25, 2015 with “Just You” and call their fans “Mfectable”.  They’re always interacting with their fans on social media, writing in both Korean and English for Korean fans and international fans to read and understand.

Debut song “Just You” MV

Information about venues and times haven’t been announced yet, but if you’re a fan attending, follow them on social media as Midas Entertainment will be providing us information on their showcase.

Official Facebook page here

Naver Cafe here

YouTube Page here