[Event Coverage] Hyun A Burning It Up in San Francisco!


The queen is finally here in San Francisco!  Kim Hyun A slayed at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on March 9th, 2017!

A-ing’s (Hyun A’s fandom name) have waited in line since 8am, ready with excitement to see the queen perform for the first time in SF!  Around 12pm, more fans started showing up for the show and waited until show time.  The venue started letting tier 1 first into the venue around 5:30pm and finally everyone else entered the room around 6:30pm.

Due to technical difficulties, the show had a 15-30 minute delay, but that didn’t stop A-ing’s from giving up on seeing the queen!

To start off the show and hype it up, co-ed group SoNE1 slayed opening the concert with Hyun A’s잘나가서 그래 (Roll Deep)“, leaving fans with excitement and ready for the queen to come out.



Shortly after, fans screamed while watching the VCR.  The queen Hyun A finally came out and performed “잘나가서 그래 (Roll Deep)” in a nice silver glitter skirt and crop top.  Halfway during Hyun A’s performance, the music suddenly cut out.  Due to technical difficulties, Hyun A politely said, “Omg, I’m okay, are you okay?”

Fans answered back saying that it was okay and that they loved her.  Hyun A continued on saying, “I’m sorry, should we try again?”  Fans screamed with love and replied back with saying “Yes!”

The queen continued on with, “I’ve been waiting for this day for such a long time.  I’m a little disappointed, but I’m glad to see you all here.  Even though things are difficult tonight, we will party hard tonight.”

Following up with Hyun A re-performing “잘나가서 그래 (Roll Deep)” for her fans once again, she continued on with “Ice Cream” and “French Kiss“.  Hyun A then briefly introduced herself and said, “I feel like home right now because of all your support and love. I think because of you guys, my fans, I am very well known. Thank you for your support.”



To engage with fans, KPOPME had fans write questions to Hyun A for her ‘Hyun A Everything’ engagement where she would pick and choose a few questions from fans and answer them.

One sticky note from a fan asked, “Did you eat clam chowder?” (San Francisco is well known for that).  Hyun A then replied with a smile, “No, sadly only my staff and them went out to eat.  I didn’t eat because I didn’t want to have a belly because I have to wear crop tops for the show for you all.” leaving fans saying “awww”.  Hyun A also mentioned that she went to go visit the Golden Gate bridge and walked around San Francisco.

Another question from the audience asked, “If it’s her last day, what does she want to do?”  Hyun A then replied, “If today is my last day, I can die happily after today’s performance.”

Before continuing on her show with the performance of “A Talk” and  “U & Me“, Hyun A quickly grabbed one of her fan’s handmade headband and cutely placed it over her head with a bright smile.


While the VCR played, Hyun A quickly went back to change into a cute white top with jean shorts and red heels, because the queen needs to be popping!  Hyun A then continued on with “빨개요 (Red)”, “Change“, and “꼬리쳐 (Freaky)“.

Next, Hyun A had a fan session where she would choose fans to come up on stage and answer a few questions with her.  The fans had to choose the same answer as her.  For example, if the question was, “Would you rather choose, A) cute or B) sexy?”  The fans and Hyun A would both have to answer the same answer three times in a row in order to win.

Of course, sneaky Hyun A was giving fans the answers so they could all win.  The winners ended up getting a signed polaroid of her along with a kiss of her red lipstick.

Let’s not forget to mention, being the person that Hyun A is, she was sweet enough to give fans the opportunity to take selfies with her as well.

In another fan session, fans showed off their amazing dance skills in a competition and the winner won a gift from Hyun A.  The fan who won, Mitsu, was left with tears of happiness on stage being able to live the dream and share the stage with the queen.  Meanwhile, the other fans still got a selfie with Hyun A.

Unfortunately, it was soon time to say goodbye, but before the night ended Hyun A wanted a group picture with her fans.  Most importantly, Hyun A didn’t forget her fans in the balcony and made sure to tell the camera man to capture her fans in balcony as well.

She then thanked her fans for coming a long way to attend her show.  Hyun A mentioned that despite the technical difficulties, she still had blast.

The last song Hyun A performed was “어때? (How’s this?)”.

Afterwards the lights shut off, leaving the fans yelling, “Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!”  Hyun A then came out again with an encore song, “Bubble Pop!”

Midway through Hyun A’s performance, her backup dancer and herself handed out roses and glow sticks to fans in the pit.  Hyun A made sure her fans had the best night ever and gave fan service to everyone in the room.

Before exiting off the stage, Hyun A bowed and thanked her fans with lots of love and hearts.


Surely, we would like to give thanks to CUBE Entertainment and KPOPME for giving us the opportunity to take part of Hyun A’s North American Tour 2017: The Queen’s Back.  We would also like to thank Hyun A for giving such an amazing show!  We hope to see you soon again~

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