JJCC to hold their 1st U.S TOUR!

Just officially announced from Studio PAV M & C, five members of boy group JJCC (Double JC) will be heading to the States in August. Well known as Jackie Chan’s K-pop idols band, the boys will be releasing some new music for their fans in July. Details on the schedule and venue will be updated soon along with the ticket sales.

JJCC is a 5 member boy group consisting of Eddy (Main Vocal) , Yul (Visual & Vocalist), Zica (Lead Vocalist), Simba (Lead Rapper), and San-Cheong (Leader & Main Rapper). The group deuted under Agency Jackie Chan Group Korea and on March 20, 2014 with their title song “At First (첨엔 다 그래)”. The meaning of JJCC comes from the man himself who created them. The first “JC” comes from the first letters of the words Jackie and Chan while the second “JC” comes from the first letters of the words join and cultures. When combined together, it is literally “Jackie Chan Joint Cultures” (JJCC) translated to “Jackie Chan, let’s spread K-Pop”.

Are you excited to see them? Stay tuned for more info.