Koreans’ 5 Favorite Summer Getaways Most Tourists Don’t Know About

Having hard time finding where to visit and what to do in South Korea this summer?

Check out some of the best-kept secrets in Korea that locals love to visit during summer, and what to do in each of these destinations, curated by local travel experts from Korea’s #1 Travel Shop, Trazy.com.

See what you can add to your travel plan below!


1. Wind out in the lavender fields in eastern Gangwondo Province

The eastern part of Gangwondo Province is an all-time favorite travel destination for both locals and international visitors as it offers that perfect mix of mountains and beaches – Seoraksan National Park and its magnificent peaks and the East Sea and its breathtaking ocean vistas.

But in close proximity to these two popular locations is Hani Lavender Farm, a hidden summer hotspot where locals visit to wind out in the rolling fields of purple lavenders during the lavender festival which takes place every June.

For those of you who want to combine the two famous destinations in Korea’s eastern Gangwon Province above and also visit the lavender festival, there is a tour available for you. For more info or to book a tour, click here.


2. Soak in nature’s beauty while canoeing on Mulle-gil in Chuncheon City

If you would rather visit a spot closer to Seoul, Chuncheon’s Mulle-gil can be your perfect summer destination.

Today, Mullegil is a very popular hotspot among young and hip locals as it offers an amazing canoeing experience on a beautiful lake and river.

To buy tickets for this popular attraction in Chuncheon near Seoul, click here.

Nearby this canoe attraction is Nami Island which is one of the most popular tourist spots that offers gorgeous tree-lined paths and scenic views of the surrounding lake and mountains. If you would like to visit both from Seoul in one day, just simply book a tour here.


3. Be enchanted by the sights of lilies and light works at Taean Lily Festival

Taean County is a well-known for its fantastic tulips, which are available during the annual springtime, among tourists. However, you should not miss the next flower festival that Taean has to offer – a lily festival!

From mid-July through early August, Taean Lily Festival will feature 2 millions of lilies. At night, visitors can enjoy luminous spectacles as well. You can sign up for a day trip to the festival here.


4. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Jangho Beach in Samcheok City

Go on a snorkeling tour to Jangho Beach located in the east coast of Korea in Samcheok City!

Not many tourists make it to this cool destination during their stay in Korea, but the beach is entirely worth visiting as you can have an excellent snorkeling experience in crystal clear waters along the beautiful crescent coastline.

Snorkeling tour in Jangho Beach is available here.


5. Make your weekend different by visiting Surfyy Beach in Yangyang County

Boasting great waves and a new generation surf facility, a strip of private beach called Surfyy Beach in Yangyang County has become one of the best summer hotspots where hip local surfers and beach goers visit to catch some waves.

Join this one-day surfing tour to Surfyy Beach if you want to spend your summer in Korea with a difference!

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