VAV Comeback With New song, ‘Flower(You)’

K-pop boy group, VAV is finally releasing their new song ‘Flower’ on 12pm, May 3.

‘Flower’ is a song about love confession of a young boy, feeling heart-flutter and shy. The concept itself is different with previous album “Venus” which story-telling a charisma men.

‘Flower’ is produced by the famous producer Ryan S.Jhun who have been producer many hit songs like I.O.I ‘Whatta Man’, Taeyeon ‘I’, SHINee ‘View’ & ‘Lucifer’, RED VELVET ‘Dumb Dumb’ and etc.

Labels A team stated: “We hope you will like VAV new song ‘Flower’ which is going to be released on May 3, 12pm. Please anticipate for the collaboration between VAV and Ryan S.Jhun.”

Meanwhile, VAV will on air at NAVER V live at May 3 11:40am, listen to new song ‘Flower’ together with fans.

Check out the MV below :

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