[Event Coverage] KCON NY 2017 Red Carpet Photos Day 1

DATE : 23rd June 2017
VENUE : Prudential Center in Newark, NJ

MC Danny Im started off the event by announcing the first artist to walk down the red carpet, KNK. The boys were dressed in white suits to represent a pure concept and some of the members wore black dress shirts to represent the opposite of light, which is darkness.

SF9 came out next on the red carpet. They explained their concept for that night was a uniform concept – tones of dark gray and black for a chic but edgy school boy appearance.

Lovely GFriend was next, all looking good in black dresses. Yerin was missing due to her personal schedules, and she wasn’t able to attend this year’s KCON. Their concept that night was also a dark concept but they cutely gave fan services to their fans as they walked on the red carpet.

RnB artist Zion T. looked chic walking down the red carpet. His appearance on the red carpet was definitely the most quickest one but he never forgot to pose nicely for the cameras and gave a lots of love to his fans on the sides!

Last but not least, Highlight came on the red carpet, each of them wearing their own colored suits to match their personalities. JunHyung chose himself as the most best dressed member 😀

That’s it for KCON 2017 NY Red Carpet event, hope you guys had a visual feast!