[Event Coverage] KCON NY’s 2017 Day 2 Concert!

Officially starting the artist line up for tonight, UP10TION comes out to perform their newest single “Runner” from their album “STAR;DOM” which wasn’t been officially released yet at that time. HONEY10‘s (UP10TION’s fandom name) got the first look at the song and stage, which was a wonderful surprise and gift for the fans. Members lined up on the main stage to do their introduction, but member Woo Shin was missing due to health reasons and sadly wasn’t able to make it this year. That definitely didn’t stop the members from showing off all they got! “So Dangerous” came on next, which was their debut song, and finished up with “하얗게 불태웠어(White Night)“. Each member was dressed in all different colors ranging from baby blue plaid tops, colored stripes, to black leather jackets.

SM’s newest group NCT 127, that’s taking the world by a storm was up next! Unlike the rest of the artists going from most recent to old songs, they did the opposite. Opening their stage with a dance Intro; “Firetruck” came on and the group was seen in red and pink colored outfits. They did their introduction and started onto “Limitless” and “Good Thing” before moving onto their last stage. And like Day 1, the group played Fortune Wheel with the fans, as the wheel spun around multiple times it landed on LOVE SONG. The vocal team; Taeil, Do Young, and Jaehyun each went by the lucky fan picked by the cameraman himself; Emma and serenaded her with songs like “Nothing On You” by Bruno Mars. In the end she chose them all and received great fan service from the members themselves. They headed back to the main stage to perform their last song which has been gaining popularity worldwide for it’s addictive beat and lyrics, “Cherry Bomb“.

Korea’s National girl group TWICE finally appeared on stage, bringing on all the loud fan boys from their hiding spots. As “Signal”, their newest song from their album “Signal” came on, TWICE were all wearing white dresses with a little bit of bling designed into the outfits. Gathered together in a line, they did their introduction and went to their most famous song “Cheer Up“, and of course everyone’s favorite part is Sana’s “Shy Shy Shy“! When they sang “TT” with “neomuhae neomuhae” you couldn’t miss out the fan boys in the crowd as they overtook the stadium with their passion for TWICE! And before leaving the stage, they performed “Knock“.

Another Special Stage was prepared to take us back into history as UP10TION came back out on stage and performed “Honey Honey” from Mamma Mia with stripe colored suits and top hat to bring us back into the golden days.

Last but not least, the last artist to finish up KCON NY’s stage and line up Korea’s most popular boy band! CNBLUE makes their official appearance, sadly they weren’t able to attend last year’s KCON due to personal reasons. But this year we were finally able to see them in New York! Starting out with an intro, the group appears with “Between Us” from their newest album “7°CN“, greeting us one by one we get to see the members and even drummer Minhyuk who got out of his seat to do his introduction in front of the fans standing by the main stage, but sadly he was towards the back of the stage throughout the performance.

Cinderella” came on next and Yonghwa, being the only member who didn’t have an instrument on him was able to walk freely and meet all the fans on behalf of the members. “You’re So Fine” played next before Yonghwa talked about how great he feels being there and sang a little bit of Bruno MarsThat’s What I Like” before moving on to “Can’t Stop“. Yonghwa was seen playing on the piano and then the guitar for the final performance of the night “사랑 빛 (Love Light)“.

We would like to thank CJ & M for giving us this opportunity to cover the convention events and doing a concert review for both night of KCON NY 2017!