[Event Coverage] Meet and Greet with Kevin Woo at KCON NY!

Officially starting KCON NY 2017‘s Convention panel, it was probably the perfect day to meet artists, special guests, YouTubers, and fans. The reason these early fans filled the Panel #1 booth, also surrounding the booth from outside as well, it’s for none other than (former U-Kiss member) Kevin Woo! Our much-loved MC from ASC’s Smangel (nickname by combining Smiling Angel), is this year’s Special Guest and KCON NY’s MC.

As his first Meet & Greet as a solo artist after his departure from U-Kiss, he started his Panel on June 23, 2017 at 10 a.m. He came into the panel to greet the fans with a big smile as his fans were very eager to see him. He’s not called Smiling Angel for nothing! Before going into the Q&A session he truly interacted with his fans with small chats and acknowledged fans who he remembers from events he previously attended.

The endless talks and answers about him twerking that brought him to say “Why don’t you show us”  and the fan did just that! Coming up with total confidence, it definitely got the attention of everyone inside and outside the panel, he was also asked to prom by a loving fan, and told fans that it’d be pretty cool if KCON also had prom as an event, maybe even upgrade it to having a casino! Maybe one day we’ll see it happen right?!

The session moves along into his fun Q&A!

Q: “Which international artist would you like to collab with?”

A: “Good question! I’m a big fan of Tori Kelly… Her soul, her voice! I’ve never met her in person, but I’ve seen her in videos.” Kevin even mentioned that he would love for her to visit the ASC studio if she was ever in Korea and he would show her around the area.

Q: “What are some of your future plans?”

A: “… As you all know I’m now solo… I’m working on my solo… I plan to buy a new house, maybe somewhere tropical, a tropical house.” He even told the Kissme’s (U-KISS fandom name) that he’s still very close to the U-Kiss members personally. “I recently went to Eli’s wedding and we’ll be doing a reunion soon.” Looks like their bond and friendship is still as strong as ever!

Since he brought up his solo, as many fans were waiting for his comeback as well. He excitedly but nervously ask the fans, “If I did a U.S. tour would you show up?” and of course everyone’s answer was “YES!!!” Maybe we’ll be seeing Kevin soon here in the States, so keep your eyes and ears open for that news in the future!

Q: “What would be the name of your fandom?”

A: “… Swangels? Swag Angel… Give me some suggestions…” one fan said “Pizzanators!” Another said, “Woo-ers!” (Probably because his last name is Woo and of course he always woos his fans over!)

Q: “Do you like Instagram or SnapChat more?”

A: “I like SnapChat, they have a lot of filters. But I use Instagram more for stories.”

Q: “Where has been your favorite place to tour? Favorite country?”

A: “I’ve always been to Japan, I’ve only done one U.S. tour, San Francisco. I think I cried before I got on stage.” He went in depth by telling fans his high school friends attended and sat in the front row, he was crying even before he went on stage because them being just there meant so much to him!

Ending the Q&A Session nicely, he then looked around and spotted a fan who actually attended the U.S. tour in San Francisco holding up the T-shirt she’d gotten from it! Shocking Kevin himself and feeling even more happy because the tour was awhile ago. He even went to hug a fan because she was so happy to see him, tears were just naturally coming out! You can tell his fans were so loving and caring, he became one with his fans and the fans became one with him!

Kevin himself also prepared some gifts for his fans, items you can’t find anywhere else and only at KCON NY 2017; signed KCON hats by Kevin! But of course he just wasn’t going to just give them away freely. He gave the fans his own Q&A session as well with questions that he’d made himself. Whoever guessed it right would win the signed hats and a great big hug from Kevin!

Q: “What’s my birthday?”

A: “November 25!”

Q: “Who’s the farthest person that came?”

A: Many fans joined in “South Carolina” “Seoul” “Florida” “Japan” but the one who took the winning hat was “Australia” WOW! just for KCON NY?! Now that’s dedication right there everyone!

Q: “Where is my hometown?”

A: “Danville.” Danville, California to be specific!

Now this next question was asked for fun by Kevin, not to be rude in anyway way, shape or form. It was asked and approved by the fans before he made the official question.

Q: “Who’s the oldest person in the session?”

A: One lady said “61” another lady “65” but the winning fan with the age of “71” took the signed hat, three cheers for her and for attending the convention!

He had one signed hat left and without any ideas for the next question he remembers the girl who asked him to Prom this year and kindly gives it to the her! From big smiles, to happy tears, to great laughs and bunches of warm hugs, you can’t end the day without an Instagram photo! And of course a video for his Instagram story to end a wonderful session with his fans!

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