D-2 to WILD KARD 2017 The 1st Tour in AMERICA PT.2

In just a few days ‘Hidden Kard’ & K-pop fans tickets will be released in the U.S for KARD’S “WILD KARD” 2017 THE 1​ST​ TOUR IN AMERICA PT. 2, if you haven’t heard of the Co-ed K-pop rookie group that has been taking over 2017 this year by a storm we’ll give you some insight and maybe turn you into a ‘Hidden Kard’.

Co-ed group KARD is one of the most popular rookie groups of 2017, particularly within the international K-pop community. Their trendy Dance Hall genre tracks have garnered a legion of fans from the U.S. to Brazil. SubKulture Entertainment, in partnership with DSP Media, brought KARD on “WILD KARD” 2017 THE 1ST TOUR IN AMERICA to three major cities in May! The response was so positive that the group will be returning for PT. 2 in these five major cities:


Consisting of two male rappers (J.Seph and B.M) and two female vocalists (JEON JI WOO and JEON SO MIN), KARD is a co-ed group from DSP Media. Their name stands for K​ing, A​ce, JokeR​, & HiD​den. They impressed the world with the release of three project singles, ‘Oh NaNa’ featuring hidden member and labelmate, HUR YOUNG JI, ‘Don’t Recall’ with a hidden English version, and ‘Rumor’ with a hidden dance version; Their highly anticipated debut “HOLA HOLA” was released on July 19th and with the help of their ‘Hidden Kard’s (KARD’s fandom name), they’re now #1 with the most viewed debut K-pop MV within the 1st 24 hrs with a total of 3.8Million views combining from both their official KARD channel and 1theK channel.

Being the first co-ed group in quite some time within the K-pop world, KARD has garnered a lot of attention with each single charting worldwide. ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Rumor’ both hit #1 and ‘Oh NaNa’ hit #2 on the U.S. K-pop iTunes chart. ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Oh NaNa’ hit #5 and ‘Rumor’ hit #3 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart. Now with ‘HOLA HOLA’ they’ve already topped iTunes charts in 31 different countries and their mini-album itself reached No.11 on US iTunes main albums chart since it dropped. If you haven’t listened to the fun summer bop check it out below!


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