[Exclusive] Get to know duo from the Brand New Boys, MXM!

MXM consists of former ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ contestants Lim Young Min (22) and Kim Dong Hyun (19). The show was a hit among K-pop fans, giving all contestants a lot of exposure and a considerable fanbase to boot.

Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun are among the two contestants that failed to earn a spot in Wanna One, but successfully debuted after the show ended. K-POPPED! had a chance to talk to the duo and get to know them better, special thanks to Warner Music Malaysia. Check out our exclusive interview below!

K-POPPED! : Congratulations on your official debut! Please introduce yourself to the Malaysian fans.

LYM & KDH : Hello fans from Malaysia! We are LIM YOUNG MIN and KIM DONG HYUN from MXM! We really want to visit you guys someday very soon.  😉

K-POPPED! : Tell us about your debut album “Unmix”.

Kim Dong Hyun : It’s our debut EP album and it means that we do not want to be “mixed” with other groups, we want to present unique colors in our own way.

Kim Dong Hyun

K-POPPED! : What about your title track “I’m the One”?

Lim Young Min : It’s about finding a girl after many relationships and breakups, and telling her to stay with me. I like that it is upbeat, fresh sound with a catchy hook. There are so many different colored songs in this EP, so I wish everybody can enjoy each one of them.

K-POPPED! : How are you both scouted by the company?

Lim Young Min : Me and Dong Hyun are big fans of Brandnew Music label, so we auditioned and luckily we have made it.

Lim Young Min

K-POPPED! : Produce 101 Season 2 is such a hit show. What changed before and after the show ended?

Lim Young Min : Thanks to the show, we were able to debut and get one step closer to our dream. We are getting a lot of fan letters from different parts of the world, and we really appreciate that, knowing how difficult it is for fans to do that.

K-POPPED! : What is the recent incident that made you smile or laugh happily?

Lim Young Min : It was right before when we went on stage, when people were screaming for us.

Kim Dong Hyun : For me, it was when I did the first radio interview. I was so happy at that moment when debuting as MXM.

K-POPPED! : When is the most painful time you had in Produce 101?

Lim Young Min : As we were preparing new routines every week, it was very difficult. However in the end, it was all great memories.

K-POPPED! : How do you feel when noona fans call you ‘Oppa’?

Lim Young Min : I had fans asking us if they can call us ‘Oppa’ during the autograph event (smile) ‘Oppa’ is always an enjoyable word to hear.

Kim Dong Hyun : If it makes noona fans happy, then they can call me ‘Oppa’.

Kim Dong Hyun

K-POPPED! : What does ‘fans’ mean to you?

Lim Young Min : Fans mean ‘friends’ to me. In Korean, friend is called “Chin Goo”, which comes from a Chinese word where “Chin” means ‘friendly’ and “Goo” means ‘old’. Eventually “Chin Goo” means being friends from old times to the future. I really wish that our relationship with fans last long as a friend.

Kim Dong Hyun : Fans mean ‘ramen noodle’ to me. I never ever get sick of it.

K-POPPED! : How long have you two known each other? Please tell us your first impression of each other.

Lim Young Min : When I first met Dong Hyun, I was little intimidated as he was covering his face with a mask because he was sick. Also, he didn’t talk much. Later, I figured out that he is one of the nicest guys.

Kim Dong Hyun : Yes I was feeling sick at that time. Young Min was always like a big brother to me since the beginning until now.

Lim Young Min

K-POPPED! : Praise your other member’s strength and one thing he should stop doing.

Lim Young Min : Dong Hyun is a very social person. He gets along with everyone. That’s why sometimes when he is not smiling, people think that he is a cold person.

Kim Dong Hyun : Young Min is always calm and steady. He tries not to lose his temper as much as possible. That’s why sometimes, he cares too much about little things around him.

That’s the end of our fun interview with MXM. We hope to see them in Malaysia very very soon!

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