[Food Review] Winter & Summer at Soopong Malaysia

Hi people!!

So, the long-weekend series in September has ended last week.. sadly.. no more 3 day-weekend next month…Ā  šŸ˜„

We wereĀ travelling south for some treats last week, to celebrate the long weekend. Nayhh~~ not South Korea.. It’s just South KL, Putrajaya as we’ve been invited to try the new menu from Soopong branch in IOI City Mall.

IĀ bet our readers who’ve visited South Korea would know how hot is the summer there and how freezing it would be when the winter comes. Ā Even though our make up gets melted or we get frozen during these seasons, we can’t lie that we really miss the feeling, scenery and the foods especially. So this visit really brought us back to South Korea’s Summer and Winter season. ^_^

First of all, of course we would like to talk about Sopoong’s new main dish.. Kimchi Fried Rice with Cheese! Well, personally I am not a fan of fusion food, but this one surprisingly tastes good!

I never thought that the combination of something sour like kimchi would blend well with cheese. I kinda love that I can chew the crunchy kimchi cabbage in every bite till the end.Ā  šŸ˜‰

The drinks we tried to kill the spicy taste from the fried rice are the Lemonade & Strawberry Ade. It’s really refreshing! It quenches our thirst since the weatherĀ was extremely hot and the food was steaming hot too…

There are many choices of Ade available like Kiwi, Citron, Jujube and Mango. The price range is from RM 9.90 – RM 12.90.

The next menu is the most awaited one in Malaysia. We are extremely happy to know that Hotteok is available in Sopoong’s new menu list. I am a serious fan of Hotteok! Yeah! It reminds me of the cold weather when we were queuing for BTS concert and fanmeet (excuse my fangirl feels please šŸ˜† ).

These warm and chewy yet sweet hotteok comes in 3 flavors; Dalkom (original), Cheese & Choco with the price from RM 10.90. It’s something you should really try if you haven’t!

And the last but not least is the BINGSU!!! Yes.. this is love.. I’m not gonna lie. These bingsu are good! We tried mango and Patbingsu (redbean) and personally I love the Patbingsu a lot.

The amount of red bean inside, mixing it with the fresh milk that comes as the condiment, I can easily finish up the whole bowl in one go. Happily freezing my brain. =D

TheĀ bingsu comes in a few flavors like Mango, Oreo, Watermelon and many more. But I’m kinda attracted to the one named “Bibim Bingsu”, the mixed bingsu that combines many flavor in one! But, we didn’t get to try it yet…

I’ll make sureĀ to visit again for Ā that “Bibim Bingsu”! The price range for the bingsu series are from RM 19.50 to RM 32.50. Worth every bite! XD

Overall we enjoyed our lunch + desserts that afternoon. ‘Good food reminds me of mom’, their tagline is definitely something…

Thank you very much Sopoong for inviting us to try out your great menu. Hope more original Korean foods will be featured after this!!

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