JYP’s new boy group, Stray Kids, releases an MV Teaser

It’s out, the long-awaited ‘Hellevator’ MV teaser for JYP’s new boy group, Stray Kids!


JYP confirmed via Naver in August that they are teaming up once again with Mnet to produce ‘Sixteen 2’, the male version of the popular reality show that produced TWICE. Rather than choosing the members based on the results, it seems the concept of the show is to promote their debut.

Not much is known about the members, but fans put together a compilation of likely members here, naming them as Woojin (97’er, main vocal), Chan (97’er, leader, sub-vocal, rap), Minho (98’er, dance), Changbin (99’er, main rapper), Hyunjin (00’er, dance), Jisung (00’er, sub-rapper), Felix (00’er Australian, rap), Seungmin (00’er vocal), and Jungin (01’er, maknae)

Picture from Pann-Choa.

Stray Kids will join Suzy, TWICE, GOT7, 2AM, 2PM, DAY6, Somi, Baek A Yeon, 15&, Nakjoon, and JYP himself in the ever-growing JYP family.

The music video will be released on the 3rd of October, and the first episode of  ‘Sixteen 2’ will air at 11PM (Korean time) on the 17th of October. Who’s looking forward to the next season of Sixteen?

Follow them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/JYPEStrayKids/

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