[Event Coverage] Nam Joo Hyuk reaches out to Malaysian fans’ heart

Can’t believe we finally got to meet Nam Joo Hyuk up close in Malaysia for his own private showcase!

His private stage fan meeting was held in Kenanga Mall last Saturday where a thousand fans gathered to see this new rising hero who has been knocking many girls’ heart after he became the male lead for a rom-com drama, ‘Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’.

Nam Joo Hyuk Private Stage started at 6.30pm with a VCR showing the audience about Nam Joo Hyuk’s stories from his childhood up until he enters entertainment industry.

From the VCR we got to know that Joohyuk was a basketball player but he ended up quitting because of his injury.

Not feeling demotivated that he can’t play basketball actively anymore, Joo Hyuk started to venture into the modelling field and debuted as the model for ‘SONGZIO Homme’ Spring/Summer collection in 2013.

His career kept soaring beautifully as he then started to act in Akdong musician’s MV and a few Korean dramas as a supporting actor.

Once the VCR stop playing, Nam Joo Hyuk appeared on the stage wearing red shirt singing an old ballad song by Kim Dong Ryul. Joo Hyuk officially greeted the fans after the song ended.

The first session was an ice breaking session. Joo Hyuk shared with the crowd about his hobbies and his skills playing PS4. He also shared with fans his look on ‘The Bride of Habaek’ drama by trying out the coat he wore on the set.

The VCR then started to show the drama scene cut from Joo Hyuk’s previous drama after his intro session. The audience went loud upon seeing the drama scenes!

The MC began to ask Nam Joo Hyuk about his character in the drama. He answered that he thinks his character of the hero in ‘Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo’ is the most similar to his true self and that makes “Joon Hyung” his favourite character out of all.

The fanmeeting continued with Joo Hyuk showing off his “cooking” skills to the fans. Proudly saying that he is good at making kimbab, he accepted the MC’s challenge on making the best kimbab for the fans.

But with some plot twist, he needed to win the ingredients with a 4 game challenges that the MC had set for him. But then he lost one of the game and needs to add wasabi to the kimbab he made.

Feeling guilty to the lucky fan that won his ‘punishment’ kimbab, he also presented the apron he wore to the fan saying that he is sorry, and hope the fan likes it as that is also the apron he wore in one of his drama (omo!).

After a short VCR break, Nam Joo Hyuk got back to the stage again with another song. Accidently he got the lyrics wrong and laughed while singing and continued laughing right when the song ended.

Joo Hyuk shyly told the fans that it was his favourite song and he really want to convey the song to fans with full of heart but failed as he got it wrong.

The stage carried on with Nam Joo Hyuk answering a few questions from the fans on his favourites foods and seasons.

There was also a question on what was the most memorable scene/script in a drama, Joo Hyuk said it was from ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo’ where he had emotional fight with his ‘mother’.

The show got more interesting when finally 4 lucky winners were selected to be on the stage with Nam Joo Hyuk to reenact some lovey-dovey scenes from ‘The Bride of Habaek’.

The floor was full of fans’ scream as all the scenes made our hearts skip a beat. After the game, we can feel that show is getting near to the end as Joohyuk recited a letter he wrote to fans telling them how grateful he is to have their love and support and promised to keep working hard without giving up.

The stage gets full of emotion as the VCR played fanproject video that has been created by the fans especially for him.

Before the fanmeeting ended, Joo Hyuk sang another 2 ballad songs to the fans and went down walking between the fans, giving them stalks of roses to convey his thankful feelings and promised to be back in Malaysia again in the future.

It was sad that the stage to meet him ended, but we are glad that we got a chance to get to see the real side of Nam Joo Hyuk through the private stage.

Hopefully he will come again to Malaysia with another fan meeting as he promised to reveal more of him to the fans in Malaysia. Thank you Galaxy Group for the invitation!

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