K-pop Music Videos to Inspire Your Costume This Halloween

Don’t have an idea of what to be for Halloween? Well, fear not, here is a list of music videos to inspire your costume this year.

1) Twice – “Cheer Up”

Literally any member in Twice’s “Cheer Up” music video. Each member has a different story or character.

Mina: Love Letter

Momo: Resident Evil

ChaeYoung: The Great Train Robbery

JiHyo: Bring It On

JungYeon: ChungKing Express

NaYeon: Scream

Sana: Sailor Moon Crystal

DaHyun: HwangJunl

Tzuyu: Gone With The Wind

Depending on which character you decided on, look for certain accessories to help those around you know what your costume is suppose to be.


2) Girl’s Generation – “Catch Me If You Can” 


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a construction worker costume.



First Look: Distressed white crop top with cargo pants. Add a dog tag necklace with combat boots. You can have your hair however you’d like with minimal makeup.


Second Look: Orange  jumpsuit/romper. Find either one of those two, and accessorize. This look is super simple, once you have that you’ll need a reflector vest to have the construction worker vibe. Complete it with combat boots, minimal makeup, and have your hair however you please.

*Optional: Finger less gloves for both looks.


3) Vixx – “Voodoo Doll” 

First Look: The essential thing you’ll need for the first look is a knitted oversize sweater. That’s basically your outfit. Add black tights/skinny jeans. Add nude boots with dark/pale makeup. Add/draw the stitching a voodoo doll would have.


Second Look: Black blazer, add stitching similar to what the members have in theirs. Navy, black button up. Black skinny jeans with black boots. Makeup is similar to the first look. Add a voodoo doll to complete the looks for both costume ideas. 


4) Sunmi – “Gashina” 

This song has become a hit–especially for the catchy dance in which she goes from 0 to 100. One second she is doing aegyo, and the next she looks fierce and ready to end you. If you’re going to go with this “costume” you can wear whatever you think is cute and if they ask what you are, simply do the famous dance move this song is known for.


5) Sik-K – “Get That Money”

Although he is a rap artist, Sik-K has gotten mentioned by former Sistar member Bora through her social media. Since the release of his music video Sik-K has racked up almost 430K views. 

In the music video, Sik-K is seen wearing a navy windbreaker, black shirt, black cargo pants and white shoes. But most noticeably, a silver durag. To complete this look all you got to say is “get that money”.

*Optional: Have a band with fake money.