YS’s K Pub Introduces New K-Snacks & More!

YG Republique‘s K Pub has introduced a series of goodies including a new K-tapas menu and sweetening the deals for tertiary students aged 18 and above to host their parties at K Pub and make some extra pocket money while having fun.

Spicy Rice Cakes

The latter was introduced in response to the large number of K Pop fans that YG Republique draws. K Pub is located next to 3Geori Butcher’s BBQ eatery at TREC.

Diners can now dine on 3Geori Butcher’s menu at K Pub and enjoy a 20% discount from 10pm everyday.

K-Fried Chicken

Add to that, K Pub’s new spread of K Tapas also includes new portions made affordable for single diners. They include hearty selections such as Spicy Rice Cakes, Seasonal Salad [RM35], K-Fried Chicken, priced at RM25 each.

Larger portions are also available for sharing priced from RM40 each.

Assorted Dried Snacks

K Pub has also launched its brand new Happy Happy from 6pm – 10pm daily – and with the do-or-dare 8-second Soju Bomb Challenge.

Seasnail Salad


1. Take up the challenge @ K Pub
2. Down 8 Soju bombs under 8 seconds
3. If you beat the clock, you drink for free, or
4. If not, you pay only RM80 for everything