[Event Coverage] A Night to Remember with Sung Hoon

Daebak! Fans of K-drama and K-pop had a double treat at Korea Drama Night with Sung Hoon last Saturday, 28 October 2017.

The event was held at KLCC Plenary Hall, and actor Bang Sung Hoon graced Malaysian shores together with his label mates from Stallion Entertainment. Five members of uprising K-pop group, The King and two rookie actors Lee Pando and Ho Seong were also in attendance.

Thanks to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as the official event host for giving away 1,200 free entry passes to lucky fans. 

The event started around 7.30pm with Pumping Jumping by Sung Hoon. Then an interview session started with Sung Hoon introducing himself in Bahasa Malaysia, overwhelming the audience when he said “Apa khabar, nama saya Sung Hoon”

Sung Hoon said he is a shy person but still, fans asked him to do the ‘aegyo’ moves. Sung Hoon did the Baby Shark song and Twice as requested, to please to crowd. The event then continued with ‘First Snow’ performed by Lee Pando and The King’s BaWool.

For the game session, two fans were picked by Sung Hoon, and he even picked a fan from the upper tier! Instead of two, ended up three fans came on stage, making the crowd laugh when Sung Hoon panicked how to solve the issue. 

Anyhow all three fans managed to get his autograph photobook and a photo session with him.  He is such an adorable person, he even switched his position for each fan to get a chance to stand beside him.

The performances continue with ‘Look Back’ by The King. Sung Hoon interrupted by instructing the fans to lift their phone torch light for The King’s ‘Makes Me High’. Such an amazing atmosphere when the fans altogether did as instructed. 

The fans got excited when Sung Hoon joined The King to perform My Secret Romance’s OST, ‘The Ocean and You’.  The collaboration stage ended with Lee Pando, Ho Seong and The King’s Sejin singing Big Bang’s ‘Blue’.

The King

Then Sung Hoon continued the performance with ‘You Are The World of Me’ from My Secret Romance and ‘My Style’ song.

The event ended with Sung Hoon showing his talent in musical Disc Jockey (DJ).  He is conducting his DJ activities under the name ROI.

The fans went wild, singing and jumping, turning the hall into a night club when DJ Roi (Sung Hoon) played famous songs such as ‘Fantastic Baby’ and a few English songs. Sung Hoon kept on playing as requested by the fans until the show was extended another hour.

More surprising to the fans, not only it was earlier announced the new AirAsia flight route from Johor Bharu to Korea, the MC announced there will be a hi-touch session with Sung Hoon to end the event as appreciation to the fans. Yes!

All fans who came got a chance to meet close up with Sung Hoon in person and he even wore a glove as respect to Muslim fans. Such a thoughtful and kind person!

Thank you KTO and IME Asia for the amazing night!

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