K-pop’s radio show, 화이팅Radio is all about others voicing their own opinions and expressing their feelings about K-pop. Whether if it’s about the music itself, to makeup, to dramas, and many more. 화이팅Radio was created by Amber and is hosted by her.  화이팅Radio has over 700+ subscribers on Youtube, 560+ followers on Twitter, and 280+ followers in Instagram.

On March 4th, 2013, 화이팅Radio launched a “화이팅Radio Coming Soon!“. About a month later, 화이팅Radio  uploaded her first episode of her radio show onto her Youtube channel April 3rd, 2013, with the topic “화이팅Radio Ep.1 Guest: KCON Friends Diana & Kaylee”. This episode talks about, ‘What come back do you look forward to the most?’, ‘Who is your favorite K-pop idol?’, ‘What do you think about Sasaeng fans?’ and many more. For more details, check out the video down below!

With such a positive attitude, K-popped! got together with 화이팅Radio and asked a few questions.

So here it is!

Q: What made you want to start your own Radio show or inspired you?

A: I wanted to start a platform where K-pop fans have a place to express their opinions about the K-pop world and to also make new friends at the same time. Going back to the word Hwaiting (화이팅), I also wanted to encourage others who are hard workers and are following their dreams. There are a few interviews I have done promoting others who love what they do such as K-pop cover singers & dancers.


Q: How did you come up with the name of  화이팅Radio?

A:  I love the word and meaning of Hwaiting/화이팅 which is a Korean word. My radio show is called “Hwaitingradio” which is pronounced like “Fighting” and the meaning is like cheering someone on or giving them Good luck.


Q: How do you find people to join your show?

A: I personally ask those who love K-pop and those who have Youtube channels if they would like to join an episode. Sounds easy but a lot harder than you expect but I love each episode and all guest who have joined so far.


Q: What do you plan to do with  화이팅Radio in the future?

A: My future plans with my show is to expand and reach out to more people around the world. Grow my team behind the scenes to help me reach this goal. Eventually I would love to have my own studio for Hwaitingradio.


Q: What is the most fun about 화이팅Radio  for you?

A: Just getting to talk to people from around the world is really fun for me. Plus we all get together to talk about the same thing we love the most, K-pop! It’s fun and sometimes it gets real when talking about situations that happen in the K-pop world and it’s nice to hear other opinions about something in a positive way.


Q: Who do you look up to?

A:  I look up to those who are working hard to achieve their dream that they want and not what people want them to be. From our favorite K-pop idols to friends who are doing what they love is something I look up to and wish to be like. I will work hard too and continue this dream I want and love to do.


Q: What would you like to say to your  화이팅Radio fans and to your future self and future fans?

A: I want to thank all those who have supported Hwaitingradio and who believed in my little show. I hope that everyone will watch me grow and to continue to support Hwaitingradio. Those who are new to my show, I welcome everyone and anyone who loves K-pop to be invited! The show is about K-pop fans and you guys make the show come to life.

For information about how to join a 화이팅Radio episode, check out  화이팅Radio’s sns platforms!

Lastly, we K-popped! would like to give thanks to  화이팅Radio for giving us the opportunity to interview you.


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