[Event Coverage] Getting Crazy With ILLIONAIRE AMBITION In San Francisco!

On November 30, 2017, Illionaire Records and Ambition Musik kicked off their first US tour together in San Francisco, CA. The duo hip hop artists, Dok2 and The Quiett started Illionaire Records back in 2011. Ambition Musik officially started on September 29, 2016, introducing music with a different color than what is known under Illionaire Records. Ambition Musik hosts artists Keem Hyoeun, Hash Swan, and Changmo who starred in “Show Me The Money“.

Despite the cold weather and it being about 60 degrees, fans waited outside since 12:00 pm in the afternoon.

Meet and Greet holders were let in at 5:30 pm for their opportunity to meet Illionaire Records and Ambition Musik while those with General Admission waited outside with excitement. Around 7: 00 pm, doors opened for General Admission. As fans filled the venue, music from both labels were playing with a VCR playing in the background, hyping up the fans.

Soon, lights started to dim and the music played louder, screams roared from the crowd. Rapper Hash Swan made his entrance and started off the show with his performance with some of his hit songs like ‘Ma$hmiro‘ and ‘Daily Look‘. In 2006, Hash Swan released his album “Hash X Kash” with fellow singer dKash. He also put out mix tapes called “Fog From The Swan” and “$wans Nest“. He joined “Show Me The Money“, a South Korean rap competition show for Season 5 and 6 and gained recognition from the show.

Rapper Kim Hyoeun also joined Season 5 of “Show Me The Money” and was the first to join Ambition Musik.  He set off the crowd with some of his songs such as ‘Rap Star‘, ‘Picture Me Rollin‘, and ‘New Kings‘.

Kim Hyoeun ended his solo stage with the song ‘LA LA LA‘ featuring rapper Changmo who performed after him.

Changmo started his stage with  the song ‘돈이 하게 했어‘, interacting with the fans from left, right, to the middle, making sure everyone had a good time. He is known as a rapper and a producer. In March 18, 2016, he released his first album, “M O T O W N”  and joined Ambition Musik in October 2016.

He also performed his songs, ‘I Always‘, “Aiya‘, ‘Maestro‘, and ‘아름다워 (Beautiful)’. During his peformance of ‘아름다워 (Beautiful)’, he picked up a rose, teasing the ladies while dancing with it and soon threw it to the crowd.

Up next, The Quiett hit the stage off with ‘2Chainz & Rollies“. Fans then started to reach out for their phones to record his powerful performance. He continued on with ‘1 Life 2 Live‘ and ‘Prime Time‘. After a few songs, he reached down for a bottle to take a sip of water. During a short talk segment, he mentioned how it’s their first time performing in San Francisco when doing a US tour and he was thankful for all those who came to the show.

Next up came Dok2 performing his song ‘1ll Reco,gnize 1ll‘ followed by ‘Beverly 1lls‘. He continued on with ‘밖에 비온다 주룩주룩 (ChiGiChaGaChoGoCho’, ‘Rollercoaster‘, ‘Money Dance‘, ‘내가” and many more. During a short talk segment, he asked the crowd if anyone was going to the LA stop, but no one answered and everyone ended up laughing. He then continued to ask about other US stops and got more responses. Also when he was performing, he opened a few water bottles and sprayed the crowd with it.

To hype the show up even more, Illionaire Records and Ambition Musik hit fans with a collaboration stage of ‘Ambition and Vision‘.

And continued with songs ‘인기가요 (Feat. Dok2, The Quiett)’, ‘One More Rollie (Feat. Kim Hyoeun, Hash Swan)’, ‘Money On The Floor (Feat. Don Mills, Changmo)’, ‘Whitney (Feat. Dok2, The Quiett)’, ‘Stay Alive (Feat. Dok2, Hash Swan)’, ‘1llusion Remix‘, and ‘Profile‘.

Recently, Dok2 just released his new single ‘Crazy‘ and performed it for the first time in front of the fans.

Unfortunately, the show had to come to an end, but with the high anticipation with fans shouting “Encore, Encore, Encore, Encore”, they continued on with a few songs and ending it with ‘연결고리 (YGGR)’. During the beginning of ‘연결고리(YGGR)’, rappers Changmo and Dok2 sprayed the crowd with water.

Before walking off stage, they all thanked fans for a wonderful show and gave their final goodbyes.

Lastly, we at K-popped! would like to give a huge thank you to Transparent Agency, Illionaire Records, and Ambition Musik for having us.