5 Songs That Turned 10 This Year

2018 just kicked in and we can’t help but notice that there are songs turning a decade this year! We picked 5 iconic songs which were released in 2008 and still widely popular in the K-pop entertainment scene till today.

Rainism by Rain

Everyone’s namja (once upon a time) released this single back in December 2008, and this was his first album since his departure from JYP Entertainment. His bold and cool moves in the MV had every woman drooling, and not to mention acknowledgement from guys!

U-Go-Girl by Lee Hyori

Our first generation idol fairy released this iconic song back in July 2008 and it’s included in her third studio album titled “It’s Hyorish”. This song is so Hyorish, it’s still one of our favourites in 2018!

This Song by 2AM

This ballad idol group debuted in July 2008 with this song. Their powerful vocals worked perfectly for this bittersweet song and you will literally cry reading the lyrics.

So Hot by Wonder Girls

They’re so hot, they have three versions of this song! “So Hot” was initially released for digital downloads in May 2008 and it became instant hit on various charts.

Replay by SHinee

How can we forget this noona anthem? Put your hands up, noona deul! This song was SHinee’s debut song which was released in May 2008 and became a huge success especially among their noona Shawols. We feel beautiful just by listening to their voices.

These are only a few songs which has been a decade in our memories, which one is your favourite? Do you have other favourite song from 2008? Share with us your picks!