[Event Coverage] Spectacular performances at the Kwave 2 Music Festival

Kwave2 Music Festival happened and it was a night to remember for the fans especially Super Junior fans – it has been a while since the group was here. A sea of pink and blue light sticks can be seen indicating the fanclubs who were there.

The night started with introductions by 2 Hitzfm djs and opening performance by 3 local performers. Fans were then in delight when A.C.E came up on stage with their powerful intro performance.

A.C.E boasts powerful performance of their songs Cactus and Callin’. Not enough with that, they performed their own version of Blackpink’s Playing With Fire. The song and choreography suited A.C.E’s style that it made the song theirs.


After a testosterone powered performance, the sweet and sexy girls of Tahiti took on the stage and softened the atmosphere with their intro performance and their 2015 song, Phone Number. They then continue to seduce the audience with Oppa, You’re Mine and  Skip.


HALO came on next. It’s not their first time performing in Malaysia but it’s their first performance outdoors here. They definitely made the audience in the stadium became feverish with their performance of Fever. After being a bit feverish, they calmed the fans down with the slow I’m Scared before closing with Here I Am.


The goddess of pop TAEYEON came on next. Still in grief over the sudden demise of her best friend, the singer mentioned that she find solace in being able to perform for her fans. And with that being said, the singer performed her best and we were sad that the performance could only last for a short while.


NU’EST W‘s turn came on and the crowd couldn’t control their joy. The group came to fame once again after 4 of the members participated in the variety show, Produce 101 season 2, with member Minhyun being in the top 11 automatically put him in the group Wanna One. Performing one of their famous song, Hello, the crowd sang along and enjoyed the night with the group.


MAMAMOO then came on, with Solar unable to dance due to her injured back. Even sitting out through out the whole performance, Solar performed her best with the other members of MAMAMOO.


The most awaited performance of the night by SUPER JUNIOR was never a disappointment. With the Super Show-ish intro, the group opened the show with Sorry-Sorry and Bonamana. During the introduction session, leader Leeteuk mentioned that they wanted the fans to enjoy the show as if they were watching a SUPER JUNIOR concert and hinted on Super Show 7 to be in Malaysia. Here’s to hoping that it’s true!

At the end of Kwave 2, an announcement of Kwave 3 was made with Monsta X being the first line up.

We would like to thank MCALLS and Macpiepro for the invitation.

Songs performed:-
Intro(Call of the em) + 선인장(CACTUS)
불장난 (Blackpink’s Playing With Fire)

Intro + Phone Number
오빤 내꺼 (Oppa is mine)

Intro + 체온이 뜨거워 (Fever)
겁이 나 (I’m Scared)
니가 잠든사이에 (While You Were Sleeping)
여기여기 (Here I Am)

Intro + I
Make Me Love You
Hands on Me

Nu’est W
여보세요 (Hello)
하루만 (Just One Day)
여왕의 기사
Love Paint

나로 말할 것 같으면 (Yes I Am)
데칼코마니 (Decalcomanie)
Love Lane
Girl Crush
넌 is 뭔들 (You’re The Best)
음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh)

Intro + Sorry Sorry
미인아 (Bonamana)
너는 나만큼 (Still You) (DONGHAE & EUNHYUK)
떴다 오빠 (Oppa Oppa) (DONGHAE & EUNHYUK)
문 열어봐 (Here I Am) (YESUNG)
Black Suit