[Profile] Get to Know Rookie Group, MVP

MVP debuted in March of 2017 with their album ‘Manifest‘. The group consists of 7 members under PH Entertainment. The members are KanghanRayoonGitaekP.K, Jin, BEEN, and SION. Read on to know more about the group!


Stage Name : Kang Han (강한)
Birth Name : Jo Young Bin (조영빈)
Position : Leader / Lead Vocalist
Birthday : 16th January 1993

The reason why his stage name is Kang Han because he has a strong personality and can look intimidating when he’s not smiling. He thinks he would be able to survive on a deserted island by himself and his special talent is b-boying, which he has been doing since he was young. His hobbies are snowboarding, songwriting, and hiking. He also hates raw food.



Stage Name : Rayoon (라윤)
Birth Name : Kim Yoon (김윤)
Position : Rapper / Dancer
Birthday : 21st August 1994

He is currently on KBS “The Unit” and he is consider the ‘mom’ in group. His hobbies are taking pictures, collecting figurines, and reading books of poetry. His irises are larger than the average size and he also plays baseball well.



Stage Name : Gi Taek ​(기택)
Birth Name : Oh Gi Taek (오기택)
Position : Main Vocalist
Birthday : 11th December 1994

His hobby is reading and working out. He can eat hot food very fast and he has a mole on his chest named “James”. He is good at finger flicking. He can sing children’s songs in a ballad style using vibrato. The members think he looks like a Fennec Fox.



Stage Name : P.K (피케이)
Birth Name : Park Young Kyu (박영규)
Position : Rapper / Dancer
Birthday : 26th December 1994

His hobbies are watching movies and bowling.  The other members say he has multiple charms with a twist because he is able to show different  sides of his charming character on and off stage.  He has great skills as a choreographer and has cute and prominent under-eye fat. He is good at impersonating Zico’s rap in Block B’sHer”.



Stage Name : Jin
Birth Name : Park Young Jin
Position : Sub-Vocalist
Birthday : 6th February 1995

He’s the older twin brother of Been.  He, along with his twin brother, were part of a dance crew before their trainee days. Jin has a mole above his lip and  has a double eyelid only on one eye while Been has double eyelids on both. He’s good at drawing, cooking, and jazz-turns. His hobbies are coloring books and growing plants.



Stage Name : Been (빈)
Birth Name : Park Young Been (박영빈).
Position : Sub-vocalist
Birthday : 6th February 1995

He’s the younger twin brother of Jin. He, along with his twin brother, were part of a dance crew before their trainee days. Been has a mole on his nose and has double eyelids on both eyes while Jin has a double eyelid only on one. He’s good at playing soccer and fixing things. His hobby is watching MVs.



Stage Name : Sion (시온)
Birth Name : Kim Sang Yeop (김상엽)
Position : Lead Vocalist / Maknae
Birthday : 17th October 1995

His hobbies are listening to music, playing games, and answering quiz/trivia questions. He’s good at playing soccer and squash. He has a nickel allergy and can’t wear nickel-based jewelry except earrings. His special talent is doing voice impressions.

Check out their debut stage below!


Take It” MV!


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