Korean Drama MOTHER Reveal Further Details on Main Characters

tvN Asia 24-hour express drama — – Mother — – based on the popular award-winning Japanese TV drama of the same title, was premiered on tvN Asia in Singapore and Malaysia on 25 January (Thursday) at 21:45. The drama follows an unpredictable story of “mother-and- daughter” bonding between an elementary school teacher Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and her student Hye-na (Heo Yool).

Lee Bo Young as Soo Jin

Mother unfolds into three storylines represented by three pairs of mother and daughter. The leading character Soo-jin is a professional ornithology researcher who becomes an elementary school teacher by chance. Although seemingly indifferent to the students, she notices that one of her students, Hye-na, is different from others. Trying to turn a blind eye at first, Soo-jin gradually develops motherly compassion toward the abused Hye-na after further observation. In an attempt to save Hye-na from the plight, Soo-jin is determined to be her substitute mother and run away with her.

Heo Yool as Hye Na

Apart from the fake maternal bond with her teacher, Hye-na is in a complicated and abusive relationship with her biological mother Ja-young (Ko Sung-hee). The selfish single-mother Ja-young tends to prioritize her own happiness over Hye-na’s and blames their miserable life on the kid. In order to maintain the relationship with her cruel and heartless live-in partner Seol-ak, Ja-young starts to abuse Hye-na. This pair draws keen attention to how they can overcome the predicament and recover happiness again.

Ko Sung Hee as Ja Young

On the other hand, Soo-jin has intentionally distanced herself from her mother Young-sin (Lee Hye-young) for ten years. However, Young-sin, who brought up her kids alone, loves Soo-jin most dearly and desperately tries to reach out to her. The gap and conflict between them, which can be found in many bittersweet relationships between mother and daughter, await their joint effort to reconcile later on in the drama.

Lee Hye Young as Young Sin

On top of delivering intriguing stories, Mother presents a powerful female cast who were attracted to the drama by various aspects. Lee Hye-young chose to return to acting with Mother after a 7-year hiatus, “I am moved by the production crew’s sincere invitation and have a very high expectation of the writer Jung Seo-kyoung. On top of everything, the script is really great.”

As a new mother herself, Lee Bo-young resonates with the core message of Mother and expresses her wish to raise further attention to child abuse through her performance. Unlike the other two actresses, it is the first time for Ko Sung-hee to play the role of mother since debut, “I am not a mother myself so I don’t have any personal experience, especially as an abusive mother. But I am happy to take up the challenge, and hope to build an unprecedented character through her ‘unusual maternity’ toward Hye-na.”

Mother premiered exclusively on tvN Asia, within 24 hours of Korea’s broadcast, in Singapore and Malaysia on 25 January (Thursday) at 21:45 and air every Thursday and Friday. Catch it on TV or on-demand in Singapore via Singtel TV Ch. 518 / 619, Singtel TV GO, StarHub TV Ch. 824 or StarHub GO; and in Malaysia on Astro Ch. 395, Astro GO, unifi tv (previously HyppTV ) Ch. 601 or unifi playtv, with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

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