24K 2018 U.S. TOUR ‘Still With 24U’

It’s finally February, and in just a couple of weeks South Korean boy group 24K will be making their way to the States for their 2018 US TOUR. Many 24U’s (fandom name) have been waiting since last year for them to officially start their tour which will be starting on the 19th of February in the city of Dallas, TX and there will be four other great cities along the way!

US Tour Dates Schedule
Monday, February 19, 2017 Dallas, TX

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Granada theater
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Chicago, IL

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The Royal George Theatre
Thursday, February 22, 2018 Atlanta, GA

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Buckhead Theatre
Friday, February 24, 2018 San Juan, PR

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Teatro Francisco Arrivi
Saturday, February 25, 2018 Brooklyn, NY

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Music Hall of Williamsburg

Rules and Guidelines about the Fansigning Event for VVIP

  • Starts 2 hour before the show and running for an hour. Don’t be late! You may not get an access to the event later than 30 minutes since it starts.
  • Follow the direction of our staff. Please DO NOT SCARE the boys by SCREAMING when you get into the room.
  • Make a line to pick up CD and a pass with your name on it.
  • Then wait in the line for your turn to step forward to the first boy and get signature on the CD. You may need to show your name on the pass to get a personalized signature.
  • Move to the next boy immediately once you get the signature from one. No pictures, touches or hugs please. You may get excluded for those even before you get all signatures.
  • Leave the room once you get all signatures from the 6 boys. You can get to the merch after the fansigning.
  • Only small gift, drawing or letter allowed for the boys. We have a week trip for the tour so please be smart to consider whether your gift would get welcomed or not.

To keep updated about the US Tour click here

Formed under Choeun Entertainment back in 2012, the group consists on 7 members Cory (Leader, Main Vocal), Kisu (Sub-Vocal), Sungoh (Lead Vocal), Jeonguk (Main Rapper, Main Dancer), Changsun (Lead Dancer), Jinhong (Lead Vocal), Hongseob (Lead Dancer). They released their first mini album “Hurry Up” on September 6, 2012 and released their second mini album “U R So Cute” on August 1, 2013. They have tried multiple various genres from pop, trace, dubstep, to hiptop and electronic dance music. One of their most popular songs is “Super Fly” which has 6.9 Millions Views on YouTube right now. You can check it out below if you haven’t yet already!

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