5 Dance Practice Videos You Need To Watch

Dance practice video is often released on their company official channel during their comeback period. It is one of the events that will get the fans’ attention as well as getting new fans.

It’s the time where the fans can eye to their only one bias in the group! In some cases, the video need to be watched several times because we tend to find our bias wrecker through the video!

So, we picked five idols dance practice to be watched by you during this weekend!

[Good Boy by G-Dragon & Taeyang]

Our first pick is the dynamic duo 88-liner, G-Dragon and Taeyang with their loveable song, Good Boy. We can help it but to move along to their dance move while watching it!


[If You Do by GOT7]

Next, we have GOT7 with their song titled If You Do. Dugeun dugeun watching Jackson falling backward.


[Monster by EXO]

These nine monsters creeping in our heart ~~ The choreo is said to be one of the toughest choreos, how can we not in love with their ability to kill the move!


[Bad by Infinite]

Inspirits, where you at? Known with their on point dance, this video is definitely wouldn’t disappoint you.


[I Hate You by 2PM]

A little throwback, a song by 2PM titled I Hate You. Hottests must be smiling right now watching how much fun they had filming this, good times.

That’s our five picks, we will share another five dance practice videos soon! Until then, share with us your favourite dance practice video. Have a good weekend! ^^