MOMOLAND and Amazer announced the collaboration event called #MomolandChallenge

 MOMOLAND, and Amazer announced a collaboration event where K-pop fans can easily shoot their cover videos by following the guide videos by the MOMOLAND’s members. All 9 members posted their favorite part of the songs like Bboom Bboom, The Confession Song, Oppaya and others into the Amazer app.

Amazer is a global K-pop video community app where users can create Kpop-themed videos and share them with other creators. Anyone who is not familiar with K-pop dance and song can even easily learn how to dance and lip sync from other creator’s guided videos.


Users who create their own videos in Amazer app using MOMOLAND’s guide videos automatically will enter the challenge during the event period. Uploaders who rank in top 3 in February and 9 participants hand-picked by each member of MOMOLAND will be awarded MOMOLAND special gift sets (signed CDs, T-shirt, etc.) and Amazer gift sets. This event started on Feb 1st and the winners will be announced on March 8th.

After the recent success of BTS in the global market, many K-pop groups try to be adopted by non-Asian audiences. Amazer helps K-pop market by encouraging global young generations to express themselves in a more easy and fun way. Amazer was selected as ’The Indie App of The Year’ by Google Korea in 2017 and is now available to use in 121 countries.

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