[Exclusive] Get to know Stallion Entertainment’s only boy group, THE KING

THE KING is a 5-member boy group from South Korea consisting of Ba Wool, Seung Jae, Dong Hyeok, Rang and Se Jin. They debuted in 2017 under Stallion Entertainment, the home of actors such as Sung Hoon, Ho Seong, Se Jin and Pando.

THE KING was in Malaysia last year to perform during Korea Drama Night, together with actor Sung Hoon. They are set to come back again this April but this time, they will be having their own tour in Malaysia!

In collaboration with YiPin Studio, we had a chance to get to know the boys before they landed in Kuala Lumpur. Without further ado, let’s get to know them more.


K-POPPED!: Hello THE KING! Please share with us your recent activities and your upcoming plans for this year. Any comeback plans soon?

THE KING: In 2018, we are preparing to meet our fans with good music. We hope to meet fans with THE KING’s new music and better looks.


K-POPPED!: Individually, what other activities would the members want to take part in?

Ba Wool: I want to do music and entertainment activities.

Seung Jae: Musical or entertainment shows.

Dong Hyeok: Solo activities, musical, acting, entertainment, I want to try them all.

Rang: I am greedy because I think I can have fun when I participate in the entertainment shows. Still, I want to focus on a solo album this year.

Se Jin: I am greedy to appear on many activities in many different ways. I want to do anything as long as I could stand in front of many people.

Ba Wool

K-POPPED!: Tell us about your casting story. How were you scouted by the company?

Ba Wool: I came back to Korea from overseas to join the military and I was cast by then.

Seung Jae: At that time, I was seriously thinking about the other company and this company, I fell into the trap of the saying about debuting after 3 months and the temptation of Sejin. It took 3 years to debut.

Dong Hyeok: I was introduced by someone I know, met the members of THE KING and now we are performing together.

Rang: After coming back from the military, while I was getting used to the society, my friend An Woo Yeon who’s an actor now, introduced me to go for an audition.

Se Jin: I went to China with THE KING and came back to Korea, then joined the present company. The first casting was introduced by my friend.


K-POPPED!: What is the biggest goal you want achieve as a group this year?

THE KING: We felt sorry that we did not have too many group activities as THE KING, but we would like to appear more as THE KING this year. We would like to participate in many broadcasting activities and performances.

Seung Jae

K-POPPED!: Are there any variety shows that you have yet to try but would want to?

Ba Wool: A brother I know and I are both regular viewer of Infinite Challenge, so I’d like to go for it next time.

Seung Jae: I’m a big supporter of Infinite Challenge, first I’ll go for Infinite Challenge for sure.

Dong Hyeok: Running Man, since I like to do exercises; One Night Food Trip, since I like to eat.

Rang: Weekly Idol, I’ve met Jung Hyung Don and Defconn at an event before, then I’ve said to meet up at Weekly Idol, this stuck in my head as my goal.

Se Jin: I’d like to appear on Infinite Challenge and Weekly Idol at least once. These are my dream shows.


K-POPPED!: Have you been to Malaysia before, and what have you heard about the country?

Ba Wool: I was in Malaysia for about a year at junior high school. The foods are delicious and it feels like my hometown.

Seung Jae: I came before, thanks to Sung Hoon’s World Tour. I’ve heard from Ba Wool about Malaysia since he had lived there before.

Dong Hyeok: I came before during the tour of Sung Hoon and I heard from Ba Wool every day that the foods are delicious, after I had it, it was really delicious.

Rang: I always listened to the story of Ba Wool living in Malaysia, and when I went there, it made me feel like it’s my brother’s hometown.

Se Jin: I came to Malaysia with Sung Hoon in 2017. It’s a country with beautiful cities and delicious foods.


Dong Hyeok

K-POPPED!: Who do the members look up to the most in this industry? / Your role model?

Ba Wool: My role model is Haha. He’s someone close to my dream.

Seung Jae: I respect Yoo Jae Suk as I think I could never be like him. I didn’t really have a role model, as I am afraid I will imitate them.

Dong Hyeok: Park Hyo Shin, who’s the reason of mine to be a singer, I’m a regular member of Soultree.

Rang: Shall I say he is my role model? I deliriously think Yong Jun Hyung’s personal music activities and team activities are something special, so I’d like to be like him. Highlight, the best!

Se Jin: I respect Big Bang. Because they always show their awesome energy, so I admire them.


K-POPPED!: What kind of superpowers do you want to have? Why?

Ba Wool: Healing superpower, I feel sad when I’m sick.

Seung Jae: The combination of dimensional motion, the most needed instant movement and time travel superpowers.

Dong Hyeok: Superpower that could reverse time. I would like to start my singing career earlier and chose the regretful choice over again.

Rang: Eternal life, I’d like to see the whole world slowly and enjoy my life.

Se Jin: I hope there’s a superpower that will makes everyone healthy. I think health is the biggest happiness.



K-POPPED!: Who is the most active on social media among the members?

Ba Wool: Dong Hyeok and Se Jin.

Seung Jae: Dong Hyeok, it seems like he never takes a rest.

Dong Hyeok: I think everyone is doing more compared to the past. While having no activities, I feel like the fans will just leave us, in order to let them not to forget about us, I’m doing it the best as I can.

Rang: I think it could be Dong Hyeok and Se Jin. Dong Hyeok always updates and Se Jin has diverse activities.

Se Jin: I think it’s me. I started it late but I have the most posts.


K-POPPED!: What is the last book you’ve read / favorite books?

Ba Wool: Crown Princess’s Kidnapping Case, the book that I like is comic books.

Seung Jae: The book I’m reading now is Shatter Man, my favorite book is Bernard Werber’s Ant.

Dong Hyeok: The last I read was a web novel, the genre that I like is fantasy.

Rang: Hatchet, which is a book that was recommended by my mom, I like it the most.

Se Jin: Save Me by writer Guillaume Musso.


Se Jin


K-POPPED!: What is your current favorite song?

Ba Wool: All of my life by Park Won.

Seung Jae: I like Jang Deok Cheol’s Good Old Days.

Dong Hyeok: Park Hyo Shin’s Sound of Winter.

Rang: Dean – instagram.

Se Jin: Recently I like all the playlists of Mura Masa’s 1night and Sick-k’s Have a Little Fun album.


K-POPPED!: Have you ever during your trainee life had a thought like ‘should I just give up and be like other normal kids’?

Ba Wool: Since this is what I want, I never have such thinking.

Seung Jae: Never.

Dong Hyeok: I think sometimes I have such thinking. However, I like to stand on the stage singing, so I’m still doing it now.

Rang: Instead of thinking to live like the other ordinary kids, because I have a lot of things I would like to do, sometimes I will think of doing other things. Someday, I’d like to do what I want.

Se Jin: I never have such thinking during my trainee life.


K-POPPED!: If you can be another member for a day, which member would you want to be?

Ba Wool: None, since others have more activities than me, it’s tiring.

Seung Jae: I like to be myself, but if you want me to choose, I’d like to be Ba Wool in order to breathe the fresher air (refers to Ba Wool’s height is the tallest).

Dong Hyeok: None.

Rang: If I could be Seung Jae, I would like to sing up to the level 4 high note. I am envious of Seung Jae’s voice.

Se Jin: I dislike it.


K-POPPED!: If you can only choose a type of food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ba Wool: Pork

Seung Jae: Must be beef

Dong Hyeok: Pork Kimchi Fried Rice

Rang: Coco ball.. it’s really delicious

Se Jin: Cheese

K-POPPED!: Leave a message to your fans.

THE KING: We always thank you all for showing your interest towards THE KING, we will do our best to bring the best looks to you all. Hope to be with you all as long as we can. We love you all.


That’s the end of our interview with THE KING. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Don’t forget to show them lots of love and support during their visit in Malaysia. Event details as follows :


Tour date: 27 April to 1 May 2018

27 April 2018 – Friday – 7.30pm at Atria Shopping Gallery
29 April 2018 – Sunday – 2.00pm at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur
1 May 2018 – Tuesday – 10.30am at Alam Lanes

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