MXM Successfully Wraps Up Their 2nd Fan Meeting in Korea – To continue With Asia Tour including Malaysia

Brand New Music’s first idol unit group, MXM which consists of two members Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun had successfully kick started their second fan meeting ‘Match Up’ in Korea.

Photo Credit : IME Asia

MXM ‘Match Up’ fan meeting was held on 18 March (two sessions: 2pm and 6pm) at KyungHee University and the duo definitely had spent a memorable time with their fans. The scale of this year’s fan meeting is much larger compared to their first fan meeting which was held last year. The fan meeting was attended by fans from various countries, thus proving MXM’s fast growing popularity.

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During the fan meeting, the duo further surprised their fans by performing two songs that they participated during Produce 101 Season 2 – ‘OPEN UP’ and ‘I KNOW YOU KNOW’. Besides that, they had also performed live ‘GONE COLD’, for the very first time after their released in early March.

MXM made their fans excited by revealing their childhood pictures till who they are today, this have enabled their fans to know them better and have captured the fans hearts.

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Just when the fans thought the fan meeting was over, the boys went up on the stage again for the encore session, receiving roaring cheers and applause from their fans that have been waiting eagerly to see more of them. Although there was a minor technical problem, MXM was not flustered but continued singing without music (accapella) and danced to the rhythm, this showed that MXM is able to turn any situations around and able to maintain as a true professional entertainer.

Photo Credit : Star Sailor

MXM released their first album, ‘UNMIX’ in September last year, followed by their mini album “MATCH UP” and special double single “REMATCH” and have been actively promoting their albums since their debut. Hence, through this fan meeting, they are able to get closer and spend some time with their fans, which is will definitely be a very meaningful day for MXM and their fans.

Upon completing their tour in Korea, MXM will continue their journey to meet their fans in Asia and had included Malaysia in the list.

Therefore, don’t miss out the chance to meet them at MXM Match Up Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 1st May 2018, 6PM at HGH Convention Centre. Tickets are available at

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