Dumbfoundead, Year Of The Ox, and DJ ZO arrive in Austin for The Yikes! Tour

(Photography by Felicia Marie Sanchez)

Monday, April 9th

Stubb’s Indoor Stage


On March 19th, Korean-American rapper Dumbfoundead embarked on his new tour titled “The Yikes! Tour” alongside long-time friend DJ ZO. Visiting an outstanding 31 cities each stop consists of a different combination of special guests, so far including Jay ParkYear Of The Ox, NAFLA, and Isaac Flame. Tickets began at $20 for general admission and $65 for a VIP package. Almost halfway through his tour, on April 9th he finally made his stop in Austin, Texas with a sold out show.

VIP package tickets were allowed inside the venue at 6:30pm for a special meet & greet with Dumbfoundead himself. After VIP package fans had priority entry, general admission were allowed in when the doors opened at 8pm. The venue quickly became packed with excited fans, many of which talked about their favorite songs they hoped the artists would perform. Suddenly the venue lit up with excitement and screams, as DJ ZO finally came out to the stage at 9pm.

DJ ZO impressed the crowd with his DJ freestyle and his wide choice of music, from songs varying from “Hotline Bling” by “Drake”, to amusing the crowd with “1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton”. DJ ZO then started to play Latino songs such as “Gasoline by Daddy Yankee”, and “Como La Flor” by “Selena” which erupted the crowd with excitement as they sang every word. He told the audience “Man I love performing in Austin, I love you guys”.

At 10pm Korean-American rapper duo Year Of The Ox came to the stage to join DJ ZO. Noticing the energy from the atmosphere, they turned to DJ ZO and told us “You guys are super energetic by the looks of it.. looks like my boy ZO did a damn good job!” to which the crowd cheered in agreement. Together they performed hit songs including “YOX”, and “A-Zn Foods”. The duo engaged with the crowd leaving them wanting more, but set the bar even higher as they impressed everyone with their performance.

As the night went on, at 10:45 Dumbfoundead took the stage opening with his recent song “P.A.A.C.“. The audience reached another level of excitement as everyone danced and sang along to the lyrics, impressing Dumbfoundead himself and making him smile while saying “Austin you guys are awesome!”. He then performed songs including “Gangis Khan”, Kill Me”, “Every Last Drop”, and “We Might Die”.

Talking to the crowd he discussed about Stubb’s Barbecue saying “Y’all the crew and I ate here today, Stubb’s is the sh*t!” which had people cheering in agreement. Many people yelled out “Try Whataburger!”, “Go to Whataburger!”, “Don’t you dare leave Texas without trying Whataburger!”, which had the crowd laughing with each other.

Gathering full attention from the audience, he stated “I want to take this moment to make a tribute to one of my producers EOM, he passed away not too long ago but he was a great man and produced many of my songs for me”. He instructed everyone “I want you guys to do me a favor and turn on the flashlight on your phone to light up this place.. even if you only got 3% battery don’t be that d*ck who doesn’t turn it on” making the crowd laugh, “this next song is dedicated to my man EOM”. The venue lit up in a beautiful sea of bright lights, as Dumbfoundead performed song “Cool and Calm” produced by EOM.

He asked fans “Are there any couples here?” and in return only a few couples raised their hands. He asked all couples about how long their relationship has lasted, and discussed their ages to help introduce his next song. He asked “Anyone here know my old stuff?” which several of people responded enthusiastically. “This next song is an old one.. but a good one. I wrote this song after a really bad breakup.” He performed “New Chick” with the audience swaying to the beat and reciting the lyrics.


Introducing his next songs, he asked the crowd if anyone knew the Korean language. He picked on a girl with her hand up and she showed him by saying “안녕하세요. 제 이름은- (Hello my name is)” to which Dumbfounded jokingly told the crowd “she said climate control!” making everyone laugh. People started shouting random Korean phrases such as “사랑해! (I love you)”, “반갑습니다! (nice to meet you)”, and other random Korean words. As Year Of The Ox came back onto the stage, all three of them raised their hands up towards the crowd. Dumbfounded then said “Alright guys rock paper scissors in Korean is pronounced ‘Kai-Bai-Bo’ (가위 바위 보), let’s play!” and the three played along with the crowd. After a few rounds of playing, the three performed “K.B.B“.

“Okay guys here’s another one” he said, “the way you pronounce water in Korean is ‘Mul’ 물)” which got many people excited knowing his next song. After he got the crowd quiet again he directed everyone “I want you guys to chant it with me alright…”, which had the audience practicing to chant 물 in unison. He then performed “물” with the audience chanting along perfectly.

He then performed songs including “Drinking Alone”, “Cochino”, and “Hyung“. As his set was coming to a close he alerted everyone “Alright guys this is my last song let’s go big!” and performed his closing song “Harambe“. As he began to head off the stage, the crowd began to chant “One more song!” “One more song!” which increasingly got louder as time passed by. Dumbfoundead returned back on stage with Year Of The Ox and DJ ZO right behind him, as his final encore song “Rocket Man” blared through the speakers. The audience enthusiastically sang along to every word and jumped to the beat, making it the best song he could have had for his finale. Dumbfoundead then thanked everyone for coming and shouting “You guys are the best! I love you Austin!” and exited the stage as everyone waved him goodbye.

With the crowd amped in energy and singing along to every song from start to finish, Dumbfoundead and his guests left a great impression on fans and Austin.

K-popped! would like to thank Transparent Agency for the opportunity to cover the outstanding show Dumbfoundead “The Yikes! Tour” in Austin!

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