#TeamGOT7 wins #TwitterBestFandom Award with nearly 40% of total voting Tweets

Twitter is what’s happening around the world and in the Korean entertainment scene. As the 13th Annual Soompi Awards (#SoompiAwards) was announced, Kpop and Kdrama fans stayed close to all the action on Twitter. 2018 also marks the first year that Twitter officially supported this annual awards hosted by @soompi. In the Twitter Best Fandom award category, fans Tweeted their love for their favourite Kpop group with the #TwitterBestFandom and #Team hashtags, generating nearly 42 million Tweets worldwide over two 24-hour voting periods. The number of unique voters on Twitter increased by 17% over the previous year, making 2018 the most
popular Soompi Awards voting season on Twitter!

#TeamGOT7 emerged the winner of the #TwitterBestFandom Award with nearly 40% of the total number of voting Tweets and successfully defended their Best Fandom title for the third year running! Further cementing their status as a heavyweight in the Hallyu wave, @GOT7Official was also crowned “Best Male Group” and won the “Latin America Popularity Award” at this year’s Soompi Awards.

Here are the top Twitter Kpop Fandoms and the countries that most actively voted in the #TwitterBestFandom award category:

Top 10 Fandoms ranked by number of vote Tweets:

1. #TeamGOT7
2. #TeamBTS
3. #TeamEXO
4. #TeamSuperJunior
5. #TeamMonstaX
6. #TeamInfinite
7. #TeamTVXQ
8. #TeamSeventeen
9. #TeamWannaOne
10. #TeamNuest

Top 10 Countries ranked by number of unique voters on Twitter:

1. Thailand
2. South Korea
3. Philippines
4. Indonesia
5. USA
6. Brazil
7. Japan
8. Malaysia
9. Mexico
10. Turkey

With the announcement of the Twitter Best Fandom award winner, lucky fans who Tweet to celebrate @GOT7Official’s win using #TwitterBestFandom hashtag will also walk away with a signed GOT7 album and special gifts from Twitter.

To continue the #SoompiAwards celebration on Twitter, there will be additional @soompi #BlueRoom Q&As with GFriend (@gfrdofficial) and Heize. GFriend won “Best Female Group” and Heize won “Best Hip Hop/R&B Artist” at this year’s Soompi Awards.

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