So, You Want To Be A K-Pop Artist?

Korean pop music is a popular genre in South Korea. Like any other music genre, there are individuals who aspire to be a K-Pop artist and those who have ‘made it.’ This article will provide you with some insight into how to become a K-Pop star. To start, understanding K-Pop is the first step towards becoming a K-Pop artist. Next, comes the process. This includes the auditioning, practice, and so on to make it as an artist. The beauty of K-Pop is that it has transcended into an international phenomenon. It is not contained within one country, rather, people all over the world listen to this music.

About K-Pop

As a K-Pop fan, you do more than just listen to the music. K-Pop videos are an art show, consisting of effects, theatrics and the track itself. To better understand K-Pop and what it entails, it’s best to listen to existing and popular songs. Learning K-Pop means listening to current and past K-Pop artists to get a feel for the music genre and what it entails.



Becoming an idol requires a lot of work. Overnight sensations are not the norm and thus here are a few steps would-be artists must undergo (in this case, future K-Pop artists). The first step is training. This includes training the voice and training for auditions. The next step is the auditioning process. Artists must attend many different auditions until that one audition sees their potential and takes them on. The third step is signing a contract that comes out of one of your auditions. The contract is not a debut, rather is the individual being taken into a company’s training routine. At that point, the individuals must undergo further rigorous training in order to receive an artist contract. This means that most of this individual’s time must be and should be dedicated to perfecting their music craft. There is constant homework. Albeit, even with this process, very few individuals make it as an artist, as there is tough competition and many aspire to become stars.

Should the artist be given a debut, the work doesn’t stop. At this point, the artist must continue to practice and produce content that the public likes and wants to hear. After all, the music created is meant for people to listen to. There are certain aspects of the debut that have been made easier with technology, such as a cover art maker. Every artist needs an album to go with his or her debut. Adobe Spark offers people the ability to create album cover art for free so that this process does not need to be lengthy. The time and effort spent on making the music also requires a unique CD design of the same impact. Though, this isn’t something that you should lose sleep over given the availability of an app that can help.

The road to a K-Pop artist is a long one. There are no shortcuts, and should the artist get to the end of the road, the outcome is, naturally, fame. Understand that becoming a K-Pop artist isn’t easy. If it is your passion, it requires your attention, day and night, to make it into the competitive world of music.

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