Transparent Agency Launches New “Identity Asia Radio” on Dash Radio

Transparent Feed, a division of Transparent Agency, has launched “Identity Asia Radio” exclusively on Dash Radio. Listeners will now be able to stream music for free from global Asian artists 24/7. Through this station, the agency aims to bring music from artists of different backgrounds to new and familiar audiences, ultimately striving to bridge different cultures through artistry and music. Listenership has increased to 750K in just 3 months since the initial launch.

Though the broadcast currently focuses on featuring Korean-Pop music, content will eventually include specialty programming featuring various Asian artists from around the world. Listeners may access the channel through the Dash Radio mobile application or this web-link address:


Far East Movement, Asian-American pioneers in the global music industry, worked to co-create Identity Asia Radio through their company, Transparent Agency, to showcase Asian artists worldwide. The group also recently premiered “The Hits Mix” featuring Bohan Phoenix, AOMG, Pentagon, Amber, and many other artists featured on our weekly Friday 5 songs. Far East Movement will be continuing their speciality programming monthly.


Identity Asia Radio on Dash is currently focused on highlighting Korean-pop music hits, but will expand to having specialty programming that will bring in various elements and styles of music from different countries and regions. Some of the artists currently on the channel include BLACKPINK, Twice, EXO, BTS, Jay Park, IU, Dumbfoundead, Ted Park, BIGBANG, Red Velvet, Kris Wu, and a variety of others.

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