5 Korean TV Shows to Feed Your Emotional Needs this July & August!

Every K-drama and fans would surely come to an agreement if we were to say that Korean TV shows are no less than riding an emotional roller coaster. From happiness to frustrations, excitement to heart-wrenching stories, the shows are definitely masters at being emotional manipulators. Here’s a list of five Korean dramas and entertainment programmes on ONE HD (Astro Ch. 393) this month that will speak to you about it.

I’m A Mother Too (every Sunday, at 7.30pm)

Lee In-Hye will have you sobbing alongside her in a number of scenes in “I’m A Mother Too”. Dealing with the most difficult situation in her life, she swings from her bright personality to experiencing hardships and struggles. Lee In-Hye shines in her portrayal of Ji-Young as a surrogate mother, and is especially moving in the tougher scenes where she lets her emotions be known. Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom as there are plenty of uplifting moments that will give you hope!


Thirty But Seventeen (premieres Tuesday, 24 July at 8.10pm)

If you need a good cry, this show is definitely for you. “Thirty But Seventeen” is about a 30-year-old single man (Yang Se Jong) who does not want to have a relationship with others due to a trauma he experienced 13 years ago. Later, he meets a 30-year-old woman (Shin Hye Sun) with memories of 17-year-old, and they both get involved in love from then on. The internal battles that the characters in this drama are facing will leave you breathless and have you hanging onto your seats!


Law of the Jungle in Sabah (premieres Tuesday, 24 July at 11pm)

“Law of the Jungle” is a reality game show where the celebrities travel to less habituated, natural places to survive on their own and experience life with local tribes and people. This time, the show takes place at Sabah, a home to green biodiversity and rich cultures. An adventure to Sabah would not be complete without exploring its virgin rainforests, climbing the rocky peaks, as well as meeting the unique tribal communities. In each location, celebrities are tasked to hunt and prepare their own meals, as well as building a shelter for the tribe. As the guests confronted by many difficult challenges, this show will definitely bring out every emotions in you!


Dear Judge (premieres Thursday, 26 July at 8.10pm)

“Dear Judge” is one of those sad-in-a-good way series. The show showcases main characters who struggle with their own-self and their purpose in life. Han Soo-Ho and Han Kang-Ho (Yoon Si Yoon) were born as identical twins, but they live totally different lives. While one works as a judge, the other owns a criminal record. Later, Han Kang-Ho secretly takes his brother’s place as a judge after his brother disappeared. Looking for a good happy-ending? This one is totally for you!


About Her (premieres Saturday, 28 July at 8.40pm)

A typical Korean drama wouldn’t be complete without some type of love triangle. And if that’s not enough to drive you crazy already, wait for this drama that will take it up a notch in a love situation. In an effort to hide her high-profile identity, Ji Eun Han (Nam Sang Mi) decided to undergo the knife from plastic surgeon Hang Kang Woo (Kim Jae Won). A love triangle suddenly arises between the two and her famous anchor husband, Kang Chan Ki (Jo Hyun Jae), due to a loss of memory following the surgery.

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