Confessions of a ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Fan

K-drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? hits all the right notes; if you are a single woman hitting your 30s, you’ll find yourself emphasizing with Kim Mi So (Park Min Young).

Stuck in a job with a narcissistic boss (portrayed by Park Seo Joon), she wants to find love and give herself a chance at doing what she really loves.

But what if you’re not a single woman who’s unattached, you ask? Hang on tight, ‘cause you’re still in for a real treat.

Park Seo Joon portrays narcissistic boss Lee Young Joon and Park Min Young as Kim Mi So, his perfect secretary. Pic credit: Soompi

‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ touches on real-life, everyday issues, you’re gonna wonder if the characters are really real-life characters, I kid you not.

As the drama reaches it’s final week, I don’t want to let it go; it has become like a good friend I’m meeting up every Thursday and Friday at 10pm (sounds like a date, no?)

Based on a popular novel and webtoon, the K-drama stays true to its origins, and there are many elements that will elicit silly laughter, though I must say kudos to the actors and people behind the awesome shots!

The naughty little devil who ‘haunts’ Young Joon and Mi So is a terrific side character. Pic credit: Dramabeans

Cute animations (I’m looking at you, naughty little devil) and pop-up text hearts will make you wish real-life is as fun as this, and I promise you that you’ll grin like no tomorrow.

Diving into the essence of the show, seeing as it’s a rom-com, the actors bring out their characters really well! After watching a couple of episodes, you’ll either love or hate them (but of course, who can hate the handsome Park Seo Joon and beautiful Park Min Young…)

‘Kiss him!’ You’ll find yourself egging Mi So on as you watch the drama. Pic credit: Soompi

The lead couple’s chemistry is not to be toyed with. I honestly believed that they are a real couple by now. Yes, I mean those hot kisses and bed scenes! Little details like Young Joon only allowing Mi So to tie his necktie and taking it off says pretty much where this couple is going…

Office gossips and the other couples in the show will also definitely keep everyone entertained! I absolutely love love love Cheol and Sera, who are so shy yet bold in their relationship. Check out how Cheol ‘proposed’ to Sera, he’s too sweet!

‘Would you be my girlfriend?’ Prompting Se Ra to drink the coke from the bottle, Cheol’s secret message is revealed. Pic credit: Netizendrama on Twitter

Fan-girling aside, the ultimate lesson that this K-drama ‘teaches’ you about first love is that sometimes it’s not too late to chase after your dreams, and that special someone could be just in front of you all along (don’t judge a man by his looks, alright)!

So, if you haven’t fell into the trap that is called ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’, go check it out soon (the awesome OSTs too, if you’ve got time). You’ll want a Young Joon oppa for yourself too!

Sweetest back hug ever! Pic credit: Soompi

Here’s me signing off with a couple of my favorite lines from the show, whilst wiping this huge grin off my face 🙂

Every moment was you. When I loved, and also when I was in pain. Even at our moment of farewell, you were the whole world to me, and every moment was you. Without you, I don’t think I can explain the story of my life so far.’ – Lee Young Joon

You tried to let me go because you love me, but because I love you, I want to stay beside you.‘ – Kim Mi So

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