[Event Coverage] Nichkhun of 2PM in Malaysia for Brother of The Year

If in 2011, Thai-American heartthrob, Nichkhun Horvejkul (a member of Korean pop group, 2PM) came and performed a concert at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur with his fellow 2PM members, last Tuesday (July 3rd) he came in town as an actor with his Brother of the Year co-stars Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya), Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny) and Director Vithaya Thongyuyong.

At the Press Conference hours before meeting the fans at the slated Mall Appearance, Nichkhun when asked about his feelings of being back in Kuala Lumpur after many years said that this visit is special to him as it is his first time coming back here to meet his fans and to talk about his film project. Brother of the Year is his latest act in the Thai produced movie since romance anthology film, Seven Something in 2012.

Nichkhun also shared that he does not have a lot of acting experiences and thanks to this film and his co-stars, he learned that there is more to acting than just delivering the lines.

Nichkhun, based overseas and speaks Korean, English, and Japanese fluently admitted that he had spent most of his time rereading his lines as having to speak in Thai was a bit of challenge for him.

He praised his co-star Sunny for keeping him on his toes while on set and it was fun working with him. Yaya later added that Sunny is “one of the sweetest person”, unlike his character in the movie and in fact his personality is totally different while on the set as Sunny is always  the one who makes people laugh.

In the movie, Yaya and Nichkhun both had to speak Japanese, and the latter shared that his co-star Yaya is talented and how she had learned to speak Japanese for her role and just got it right in 1 take-shot.


Press Conference with the cast of Brother of The Year

Later in the evening, Nichkhun, Yaya, Sunny and Director Vithaya made a special appearance in IOI City Mall and the response from the fans were insane.

Nichkhun ended the Mall Appearance with his honest thought and plead the fans to watch Brother of the Year.
“If you had watched Brother of the Year, please go and watch it again and bring along ten of your friends with you. Then ask your ten friends to bring another ten of their friends along with them to watch the movie again next time.”

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go grab your friends, popcorn and watch Brother of the Year at your nearest cinema.

**Brother of the Year is currently the most successful Thai movie of the year. The movie revolves around two siblings, Chut (Sunny) and Jane (Yaya) who are polar opposites in personality. Chut is somewhat of a loser while Jane excels in everything she does. However, Chut is overprotective when it comes to Jane’s love life. So when she starts dating the Thai-Japanese Moji (Nichkhun), she has to keep Chut from finding out about their relationship. Complications arise when Moji asks her to marry him, because it means she has to move to Japan and she knows Chut will never agree to that.

Article by Azua Yazid