Hottest boy group, Wanna One blows the roof off Axiata Arena

Wannables from all over the region crowded eagerly to watch their idols perform live in concert at Axiata Arena. Wanna One’s show Wanna One World Tour <One : The World> in Kuala Lumpur was a night that fans are not going to forget. Many believe that this will be the last year that the members will tour together as a band – so no one wanted to miss out on this opportunity.

Fans of all ages flooded into the venue, chanting excitedly and sporting branded Wanna One lightsticks and support signs. The show kicked off with a bang with popular numbers like “Burn it Up,” “NEVER,” and “Energetic” to the delight of screaming Wannables. The boys emerged wearing all white suits dancing perfectly in sync with each other.

The band, comprised of members Yoon Ji-sung, Ha Sung-woon, Hwang Min-hyun, Ong Seong-wu, Kim Jae-hwan, Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, Park Woo-jin, Bae Jin Young, Lee Dae-hwi and Lai Kuan-lin were brought together on Season 2 of the reality talent show Produce 101.

Since they won the season, the boys have been dedicated to showing their gratefulness to their fans. This concert was no exception, as they continually thanked their Malaysian Wannables for coming out to give them a successful show throughout the concert. Each of the members took turns reciting a phrase in Bahasa Malaysia like “aku cinta padamu,” “Wannables Malaysia cantiknya,” and “awak boleh bertahan fighting” eliciting laughs and cheers of encouragement from the Wannables in attendance.

The stage stretched into the stadium, allowing the Wannables in the audience a good view of the action. Members were also allowed to show off some of their other talents during their unit performances. Between skillful dances, beautifully harmonised vocals, and energetic hip-hop inspired numbers, there was no shortage of entertainment that evening.

During an acoustic performance of “Always,” the band invited Wannables to join them in singing, filling the stadium with the sound of thousands of voices in unison, a true testament of music’s ability to unite across borders.

The show closed out with fan favourites “Gold” and “Pick Me” –  a song that would be very familiar to Wannables who have followed them from their Produce 101 days. Fans, left wanting more, cheered loudly for them to return to the stage – which they did with an explosive performance of “Light” and “I PROMISE YOU (I.P.U.).”

As they thanked their Malaysian Wannables for making the time to be at the show, each of the members expressed sincere gratitude and promised to come back to perform as a band again. Regardless of if that comes to pass, it is without the shadow of a doubt that the band has given Malaysian Wannables an evening that will stay with them forever.

Wanna One’s concert was brought to Kuala Lumpur by YJ Partners in partnership with IMC Live Group (Malaysia). They will continue to take their tour to more cities, next up: Hong Kong on July 28th and 29th; Bangkok on August 4th and 5th.