Date: June 23, 2018
Venue: Prudential Center
Organized By: CJ E&M

Finally the 1st night of the concert has began with fans lining up outside the doors to enter inside Prudential Center. The show officially began at 7:30PM as KCON USA’s trusty MC Danny Lim appeared on stage to announce the pre-show as usual, with performances from JunCurryAhn on his violin with “Bad Boy” by Big Bang to his newest released single “When I Call”. Danny then presented Esna, a singer, songwriter, who has worked with many k-pop idols throughout the years. She introduced herself and sung a few songs that were popular throughout k-pop like “Some” by Junggigo and Soyou, to “Ahh-Oop” by Mamamoo. She started off her stage with a song written for her first love “Me Today” and completed the night with “Ah Sh*t” before heading off stage with her fierce pre-show. Danny Lim and JunCurryAhn completed the pre-show with some signed towels to fans in the crowd and the venue darkens as the intro video opens up to introduce us to this year’s KCON NY 2018.

The night’s concert host was none other than K-pop legend Siwon from Super Junior, as he introduced himself and how excited he was to see all the fans here in NY tonight! Without further ado, Super Junior opened KCON NY 2018 Day 1 with Sorry Sorry ft DJ Ginjo from TRAXX.

Stray Kids was the first group to start off the night with their powerful performances with an Intro Song by 3racha “Matryoshka” and their newest single “District 9” from their album “I Am Not”, they set the stage again for “Mirror” “Hellevator” and ended with “YAYAYA”.

Heize, the singer-songwriter came next to perform with “Didn’t Know Me” and “Star” sadly not on her list to perform tonight, Heize still sung “And July” which was her most requested song by her fans. Her final stage “Don’t You Know” began with fans turning on their phone flashlights to create an ocean on gleaming lights for the beautiful song and ending with tons of rounds of applause before she made her way down the stage.


KCON prepared a Special Stage that represents ‘Love’ which was performed by Super Junior Yesung & Red Velvet Seulgi with “Darling U”.


Pentagon, finally hopped into the scene came to steal the show with their song “Shine” that was most loved by everyone as you couldn’t stop yourself from dancing the chorus. Also, performing their song “Gorilla” from their debut album and continuing with “Can You Feel It” and “Pretty Pretty”.

Red Velvet, one of South Korea’s most well known girl group right now entered with Seulgi opening their stage with a dance performance followed by “Bad Boy” which become one of this year’s favorite song as well. Continuing with another summer hit from last year “Red Flavor” and “Rookie” and completing that stage with their most requested song “Peekaboo”.

More special stages were presented with Pentagon performing “Wake Up”, Stray Kids with “Rock” and coming together to perform a collaboration stage for the meaning of ‘Passion’.

Finally, legendary group Super Junior came to take the stage away as the last group to perform. Starting off with “Black Suit” and also one of this year’s favorite songs “Lo Siento ft. Leslie Grace” from their album “”. They continued to rock the night away with their most popular song “Sorry Sorry + Mr. Simple + Bonamana” which was a remix and brought the audience back to the past with their song”Miracle”.


(Photography By: CJ Entertainment)