Risky Romance: To Love Is To Risk

Risky Romance is a 32-episode romance medical drama starring Ji Hyun-woo (Bad Thief, Good Thief), Lee Si-young (Lookout), Kim Jin-yeop (Queen of Mystery 2) & Yoon Joo-hee (Return). This is the long-awaited reunion of Ji Hyun-woo & Lee Si-young since the 2012 drama “Becoming a Billionaire”.

Ji Hyun-woo will be playing the neurosurgeon (Han Seung-joo) who is incredibly talented and a perfectionist with rough personality. Lee Si-young will play the endocrinologist (Joo In-a) who is obsessed with hormones.

This is the comeback of both leads this year since their work in 2017. Ji Hyun-woo, who has been consistently loved by viewers, has always notched projects one after another owing to his excellent and reliable character portrayals. He is famous for one of the best fantasy time-travel rom-com Queen In Hyun’s Man. He has challenged various genres steadily, which include dramas Angry Mom, The Awl, Wanted and recently, Good Thief Bad Thief. Lee Si-young, the chameleon actress, who last worked on revenge crime drama Lookout, returns to the screen after giving birth to her first child in January.

Viewers can expect a lot of romance in a bright and warm atmosphere. They will also be able to see the different types of charms each of the four characters have and can look forward to a lovable romantic comedy this summer. With its medical premise, viewers can anticipate how the romance for the lead actors will progress, especially since both are well-known for their sound acting performances.

This drama is the collaborative work of director Lee Chang-han (I Need Romance) and writer Kim Nam-hee (Cheese In The Trap).

Risky Romance will premiere on K-PLUS starting 23 July 2018, Monday at 21:00pm SGT, airing Same Time as Korea. New episodes will air weekly on Monday and Tuesday at 21:00pm SGT. English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles are available.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, Tribe Indonesia, DENSTV, Astro GO, Tribe Philippines, Easy TV.